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3 Types of Wine

Wine is a popular beverage to pair with food during a meal or to relax over before going to bed. There is a huge variety of wines to choose from, ranging from refreshing white wines to sweet and heavy ports. Some wines are closely connected to certain regions of the world, such as the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy, or the Champagne region of France. Other kinds of wine are known for their distinctive flavors. Here are three types of wine to enjoy with dinner.

1. Chianti

Chianti is a dry red wine produced in the mountainous Chianti region of Italy. Chianti contains characteristics of earth and fruity flavors such as cherry, a floral scent, and a high amount of tannins. Chianti wines are made with mostly Sangiovese grapes along with a combination of other grapes including cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

2. Moscato

Moscato is a sweet wine with a relatively low alcohol content that is produced from Muscat grapes. Most Moscatos are white in color, although there are pink and red varieties of Moscato as well. This type of wine typically contains flavors of fruits, like orange, pear, peach, and apricot, as well as floral notes and a strong aroma. Southern France and Greece are two of the regions that produce this type of wine commonly seen on wine superstore Chicago IL shelves around the world.

3. Malbec

Malbec is a savory, spicy red wine known for its slightly purple color that comes from the Malbec variety of grapes. France, Chile, and Argentina are three countries that produce a lot of Malbec wine. Malbec often contains notes of black pepper or coffee and goes well with red meats and strong cheeses, making this a good dinner wine.

Consider trying one of these three types of wine if you are looking to branch out and try something new.