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4 Secret Tips to Make the Perfect Cake

Everyone will love the delicious and perfect cake. The sweet, savory taste with the soft texture and fluffy would tempt us to make it at home. But after we try to make it ourselves it turns out the result is not as tasty if we buy at the store. Not even a perfect cake. Even after following the recipe listed, make the cake was no special tips. Starting from the selection of the right flour to how to pour the dough into the pan before baking. Check out the 4 tips for the following perfect cake recipe variations:

Perfect Cake

The Perfect Cake Whisk the Eggs to be True

In the case of egg shaker that must be considered is the egg should be shaken until fluffy. But also not excessively develop it. Shaking with a regular mixer takes about 15 to 20 minutes at high speed. If longer than that it is true the egg will expand. But the results of the cake will be wrinkled, many crumbs and large pores after ripe.
All right, shuffle the egg to expand it like what? If you are just learning to make it. Mix the eggs that flourish the character is white, thick, shiny and leave traces on it that is not easily lost. When the mixer we lift, the dough attached to the mixer will not fall.

Addition of Flour

In making the cake we use wheat flour or can also other types of flour. Like cornstarch, black sticky rice flour, etc. The chocolate powder also includes flour. In a sense, if we modify a recipe and will add chocolate powder to a regular recipe. We must reduce the amount of flour a number of chocolate powder that we add. When will add the flour to the eggs, we should sift it first and then put in little by little.
But there is a cake recipe that requires us to shake the dough all in one. We shake flour simultaneously no problem. This is because in the recipe must use cake emulsifier materials such as SP, TBM or Ovalet. Mix the flour into the dough cake manually using a spatula. Do it from the bottom up, usually we often call it the technique of stir back.

Mixing Margarine / Butter

First, we start by liquefying margarine over low heat while stirring it to melt quickly. Pour margarine into the dough should be slow and stir back until completely blended. The results will be more leverage if you use a glass bowl. Because with the glass bowl we can ensure the mixing of the bottom dough. If we are not flat in mixing margarine cause the cake we make cautious. Stirring margarine also need not be too strong or too long, because the dough will come down again.

Mixing Other Materials

For flavor, variations are usually mixed with other ingredients. From the basic recipes that we already fit the taste, we can vary the type of cake that we will make. For example, we will make a chocolate cake from the basic ingredients of regular sponge cake. Meaning the formula is we add cocoa powder but reduce the amount of flour a number of chocolate powder that we add. Can also add liquids. For example, We will make butter cake with fruit flavor, we can add orange juice. The liquid we use is prescribed basic butter cake like milk this is what we replace with orange juice.
The important thing is we have to find the basic recipe first. Then we have to practice it until the results are in accordance with what we expect. After that modification with taste variations cake according to taste.

With 4 tips above, you will get soft cake delicious and beautiful appearance. Remember, never give up when our experiment fails. Try to continue to succeed. Good luck.