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    What Are Tamales Anyways?

    Most people have heard the word “tamale”, and most foodies have some idea of what a tamale is. But most people, while having some understanding of this popular Mexican and Central American food stuff don’t know just how big of a part of Latino food culture tamales really are.

    First and most importantly, contrary to the popular american pronunciation, “tamale”, is incorrect when referring to a singular tamal. This is a cultural and linguistic faux-pas that really just makes “gringos” look silly. Next time you are at your favorite fusion San Diego sushi spot or Mexican restaurant, or in any other city, be sure to ask for a “tamal”, that is if you can practice enough restraint to order only one!

    But what are tamales? What makes them so important to Mexican food? Why can’t people seem to get enough of them? In this article we are going to take an in depth look at what makes a good tamale, and why they are such a big part of modern Latin American cooking.

    Historical Origins of the Tamal

    The tamal is recorded as early as 7000 BC in Pre-Columbian history. Historically in Mayan, and Aztec culture, women were taken along in battle as an army of cooks to prepare food for the warriors and to tend to the wounded. Archaic gender roles yes, but they are as such throughout most of mankind’s history.  Without the culinary ingenuity of these women however, the tamal would not exist as we know it today.

    As the warring tribes of the indigenous cultures grew, the demand of readying the nixtamal (we’ll touch more on this later)became an continuous process. Hence, a need arose to have a more portable sustaining foodstuff. This requirement demanded the creativity of the women. Hence the tamale was invented.

    The tamale caught on and eventually grew in variety and diversity unknown in today’s culture. While you may be familiar with pork, beef, and even chili peppers as a  tamale filling, the indigenous inventors of this dish wrapped just about every conceivable food stuff in savory corn dough. From fish, chocolate, and fruit, to fillings that might seem strange to us today; tadpoles, bees, and just about anything else that edible was used.

    The sizes, colors and shapes varied almost as much as the fillings. Tamales were steamed, oven-roasted, fire-roasted, toasted, grilled, barbecued, fried and boiled. The wrappings were cornhusks, banana leaves, fabric, avocado leaves, soft tree bark, and other edible, non-toxic leaves. The most commonly used were corn husks, banana and avocado leaves. Today, corn husks are the preferred and most readily available wrapping for tamales.

    How Are They Made?

    Tamales begin with masa. Masa, or masa harina is a corn flour or dough that has been soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution, a process known as nixtamalization. The chemical changes in masa allow dough formation, and also allow the nutrient niacin to be absorbed by the digestive tract. Masa is used for making tortillas, tamales, empanadas, and many other Latin American dishes.

    Over the last few centuries, the varieties of fillings found in tamales is not so diverse as in ancient times. The most common tamal filing  today are red and green chili, chicken, pork, beef,  cheese, and vegetables. They have also become less of a daily staple. With the preparation being …

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    How to throw up a great party with your favorite spirit

    You are never too old to party like you are sixteen again, even though during the recovery process, dealing with an enormous hangover will feel like you are in your late 30s. But the truth is that there are some tips which can help you stay wild during the night and wake up as fresh as you are up to dealing with an important exam in the morning. No matter if you are a person that loves to party and enjoy life, or simply you will want to organize an event where the people you love will have fun and enjoy the night, one of the most important things is to know how to handle the burden of being the responsible person during the night. Within this article we will help you manage the organization procedure, and help you do the shopping in advance, knowing which kinds of liquor will be a must, as well as giving you some advices over good quality drinks, without the need of feeling 5 years older in the next morning. We are all aware that hangovers are feeling worse as the years go by, but one of the good news is that by choosing a good drinking pattern, it can all be gone.

                    Make a guest list

                    The first thing that needs to be done is providing a list of people that will attend to your party. You can follow the old style of grabbing paper and a pen and writing down the names, or you can simply put the people in the same private hosted Facebook event. By finishing this part, you will be able to calculate the further budget, as well as all the other big things, such as the place and the other additional activities. Also, you should always do the calculations by adding an extra number on the list, since it may be a case that there will be some other guest that will drop to your party, so it will always be better to make sure that everything will go as previously planned, without the need of being extra stressed out if there is no enough space or drinks left.

                    Choose a theme

                    When dropping a party, it is very important that you are very creative with everything going on that night. No matter if you decide to make a costume party, or make it themed with a certain hint as a motivation, you will always need to take an extra care about everything else. If you are lacking some creativity, you can always do a research, and we think that this starting point can serve you well, since once you are familiar with the type of the party you are throwing, you can move towards finding the best way to organize it. Once you have chosen the main theme, you will be able to think about all the details. No matter if you are going to work over putting on some colorful lights or arranging to buy a confetti, always make sure that you will fix everything on a creative way. Many people are thinking that all the activities of this kind are just non sense since it will take you more time to arrange everything, but the truth is that the atmosphere is of a great importance on a party of this …

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    The Best Ways You Can Use Sun-Dried or Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Your Restaurant

    Sun-dried tomatoes and semi-dried tomatoes are definitely rich in flavour and taste and have proven to be a great addition to many dishes. But if you think that sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes are only good for pastas and pizzas, think again. There are a host of other uses for these versatile ingredients, which, flavour-wise, are much better and pack more punch than fresh tomatoes. Since sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes have a more concentrated taste, they are more versatile. Are you wondering how you can utilise both semi-dried and sun-dried tomatoes in your restaurant? Here are the best ways you can use both.

    In pastas and bread

    You may already be using sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes in pasta dishes, but if you haven’t tried these ingredients with a pesto sauce, your diners are missing out. The flavour of a regular pesto pasta dish can be truly enhanced when you add a few sun-dried tomatoes or semi-dried tomatoes to the dish. Simply toss the ingredients together and serve, and you’ll see the wondrous smiles on the faces of your diners. Another option would be to come up with a lasagna dish that also makes use of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes. If you want, you can even create your very own vegetarian lasagna with just sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes, courgettes, and macadamia cheese.

    Sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes can also be used in bread – just add chopped tomatoes and a hearty sprinkling of parmesan as well.

    In salads

    Salads are levelled up with the addition of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes, whether you serve them with some grilled veggies such as courgettes or asparagus or tossed right in a salad. The tomatoes can be chopped and sprinkled over the top, and the ingredient can give your dishes a flavourful and tasty boost as well as make your dishes a lot healthier.

    In broths

    Sun-dried and semi dried tomatoes are not just limited to salads and pastas, as mentioned. They can also be used in broths, especially vegetable broths. If you want your vegetable broth to be packed with some extra flavour and tang, simply add a few of the tomatoes in the pot along with your other vegetable ingredients.

    In appetizers

    You can be extra creative and come up with your own stunning appetizers using semi-dried or sun-dried tomatoes. If you’re tired of offering the same old boring appetizers to your diners, why not give them something new with a sun-dried tomato or semi-dried tomato appetizer? One particular dish, for example, combines aubergines or eggplants with capers, herbs, and cheese into a paste, and this is then stuffed into two halves of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes. Bon appétit!

    Image attributed to Pixabay.com…

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    Beauty Tips – Ombre Nails

    We’re loving wearing a pop of colour on our nails this Summer and one of our favourite nail art trends is the ombre look! It’s a little tricky to master but once you get the hang of it, the gradient effect looks amazing and can be achieved using any of your favourite colour combinations! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create this fab summer look!

    1. Paint your nails with a white base coat. This step is optional, but a white base coat will give your coloured polishes something to cling to and really make them pop!
    2. Take a plastic sheet (the lid off a piece of tupperware will do!) and pour a drop of your coloured polishes beside each other in the order you would like them to appear on your nails.
    3. Take a toothpick or a cocktail stick and gently swirl the edges of each shade in to each other so that they begin to blend.
    4. Get a clean makeup sponge and dip it in to the nail polishes before dabbing on to your nails. You may have to repeat this step a few times to build up the colour and make them blend properly.
    5. Remove any excess polish from around your nails using nail polish remover and finish with a clear top coat.

    Et voila! You now have super cool, summery gradient nails. If this isn’t enough, you can jazz them up even more by painting a simple design over them or adding rhinestones for extra “wow” factor, and while you’re at it you’ll need some wrist jewellery, so try a little something stylish from either Lipsy or Kate Spade watches to really set things off. Go girl!…

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    What do you need to know to buy your wine online? : Introducing Baghera Wines

    How to choose a bottle of wine when you do not know anything about it? Should we refer to the collars and the medals stuck on the bottles? Baghera Wines is the best option for wine collectors. Here’s an overview!

    Some of the bottles have the collars value as can be seen in the Bordeaux wines or the price of the show of Paris agriculture, for example. But at best, it rewards a wine according to the wines of the appellation. It means you do not really need to rely on it.

    Grand cru has a meaning on certain appellations such as on Bordeaux or Burgundy because it is regulated. But some are just for marketing. For example Old vine or prestige vintage do not mean a lot.

    As for price, online wine buyers spend up to 14 € more on average for a good bottle of wine.
    It includes wine shoppers, wine lovers, and other people with a higher budget.

    For their personal consumption, wine buyers spend on average up to 14 € more than exclusive offline wine buyers, and up to 9 € more for their guests or for presents.

    Wine buyers are great wine lovers. 75% consume wine at least once or twice a week, compared with only 46% of offline buyers. Red wine is the most appreciated by all in Europe, and even more by online buyers (62% vs. 53%).
    When you need to be sure of a wine’s authentication, you need to pay close attention to the bottling methods. One of the most important steps to read a wine label is to check where the wine was bottled, because wine taste and value depends on that. In some countries, grapes are grown in one location but processed and bottled in another. In other countries, they prefer the grape growing alone. In any case, it does not affect wine quality.
    If you want to know more about wine authentication, its online or offline price, Baghera Wines gives you the opportunity to ask all those questions.
    For wine collectors, you shouldn’t miss the upcoming historical event that will be organized by Baghera Wines. Indeed, the next auction will be a historical event to sell the famous winemaker Henri Jayer’s last bottles, from his personal cellar. It will take place in 17th of June in Geneva. It is also the very occasion to meet wine lovers so that you can share your passion.

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    Trading Tips – How To Use Moving Average Indicator

    Of the many indicators available, Moving Average (MA) is the most popular trend indicator. Many errors on the use of this indicator, especialities for beginner traders.

    Moving Average can actually be a powerful indicator if you can use it properly.

    Moving Average (MA) is the simplest among other technical indicators, usually calculated from the sum of the closing price in a given period divided by the number of time units in that period.

    If the price moves uptrend, the MA curve will move up wards, and vice versa at the downtrend price movement, the ma curve will move downwards.

    What needs to be understood is that Moving Average is included in the repaint indicator or lagging indicator, so there is a weakness to predict the price with forex trading.

    The use of MA to predict prices can’t be used separately with other indicators. You need additional tools when using a good MA strategy to predict price direction and use it as an entry level reference.

    Although it includes a repaint indicator, MA is one of the most ideal indicators that can be used in trending market conditions.

    There are 3 ways to use the MA indicator that is considered to be quite effective, ie as a trend filter, as a trigger for opening positions and identifying crossover points for confirmation of correction or reversal.

    use of moving average indicator

    Which is Better EMA or SMA?

    The Moving Average indicator is divided into 2 categories: Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Simple / Smoothed Moving Average (SMA). The difference between the two lies in the speed of change of direction.

    EMA is faster in providing an indication of a change in price trend. The use of EMA can give more weight to the current data so it can provide faster signals.

    • EMA Shorter Period Setting (8)
    • EMA Short Period Setting (21)
    • EMA Period Setting (125)

    Explanation setting EMA period (8, 21, 125): Setting this period is quite popular used by institutional traders (hedge funds and investment banks). Is the Sequence of the Fibonacci Number. This period can be said to represent data Week, Month and Semester.

    But more important is the combination of the (Multiple) periods can work well.…

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    Where to Get the Best Parts for Your Boat

    Summer will be here very soon. Therefore, you need to make sure that your boat is in excellent condition before you go on the water for the first time. This means you will need to take a close look at the engine and all of the other mechanical parts. Make sure that everything is running smoothly before you drive the boat far from shore. You will most likely need to install some new parts. Therefore, you will need to find a place where you can buy quality replacement parts for boats. Here are a few tips that will help you to find them.

    1. Reach out to all the people you know who own a boat.

    It stands to reason that many of your fellow boat owners will know some reputable boat part dealers where you will be able to get some very good deals. Find out the names of the retailers where they usually buy their boat parts. How long have they been shopping there? Why do they choose to shop at that particular place? What sort of return policy does the store have? Does the store have a large inventory?

    2. Look on the website of the Better Business Bureau to see all of the boat part dealers they have listed.

    The BBB site is another good resource that you should make the most of. You should be able to find several boat part dealers listed that are located in your area. Make sure you read all of the info that is written about each one. You should also pay very close attention to the grade that the BBB has assigned to each boat part dealer.

    3. Go boating shows that are in your area.

    There will probably be several boats shows every year that take place close to where you live. These are excellent places to find out about the latest boat parts and talk to the people who work for the companies that make them. You should be able to find some good deals on quality boat parts at these shows.…

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