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Recipe And How to Make Burger Steak

The steak has a good taste, the meat is tender and the various herbs make more delicious. So many do not want to miss tasting a delicious burger. Let alone served with a delicious sauce to make the burger much loved by the wider community. Because this time we will discuss burger mince or often called a delicious burger and delicious. Nah for those of you who want to make a delicious minced meat burger and delicious means you exactly open this recipe. Because we will share the materials used. And of course along with how to make it easier.


the pleasure of steak minced makes textured meat that still feels chopped and fiber meat. Trus in processing can directly use a thick grill but if mother guns do not have fried tool first. Then just on a roast on Teflon while smeared with sauce for results. to more clearly from the materials and how to make it please refer to the recipe article below.

Ingredients to Make Steak:

  • 150 grams of minced meat
  • 50 gram of flour
  • Onion 1/4 fruit (finely chopped)
  • Egg 1 item
  • 1/2 teaspoon cow powdered broth
  • Pepper powder 1/4 teaspoon
  • Nutmeg powder 1/4 teaspoon
  • Sugar 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoon margarine for sautéing
  • Onion 1/2 fruit (long sliced)
  • 1/2 tablespoons tapioca flour (melted with 1 spoon of water)
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • Pepper powder 1/4 teaspoon
  • Supplementary meat steak meat chop:
  • Beef sausage 6 pieces (tangled)
  • 2 carrots (long cut, then boiled briefly)
  • Beans 50 grams (boiled briefly)
  • Potatoes 2 pieces (long cut, fried)

How to make:

  • Sauce: first saute onion until fragrant, then enter all ingredients. Mix well. Taste can add if there is less. Kentalkan with tapioca flour, cook until burst-burst and thick.
  • Steak: first mix all the burger meat ingredients, mix well, then flat round shape. Roasted on a grill pan that has been smeared with margarine, while occasionally smeared a little steak sauce.
    If you use ordinary Teflon better fried briefly in the oil-submerged to be more mature on the inside, then baked briefly in Teflon while in basting sauce until cooked.
  • For sausage, grill the sausage over Teflon with a spread with sauce until done.

Done, do not take long in making a burger is easy and very practical. The steak you can serve as your special lunch or dinner dish. Besides being used as a steak, steak meat will also be delicious if it is served with your burger or bread roll. Because the meat steak is almost similar to burger meat. Good luck…

4 Secret Tips to Make the Perfect Cake

Everyone will love the delicious and perfect cake. The sweet, savory taste with the soft texture and fluffy would tempt us to make it at home. But after we try to make it ourselves it turns out the result is not as tasty if we buy at the store. Not even a perfect cake. Even after following the recipe listed, make the cake was no special tips. Starting from the selection of the right flour to how to pour the dough into the pan before baking. Check out the 4 tips for the following perfect cake recipe variations:

Perfect Cake

The Perfect Cake Whisk the Eggs to be True

In the case of egg shaker that must be considered is the egg should be shaken until fluffy. But also not excessively develop it. Shaking with a regular mixer takes about 15 to 20 minutes at high speed. If longer than that it is true the egg will expand. But the results of the cake will be wrinkled, many crumbs and large pores after ripe.
All right, shuffle the egg to expand it like what? If you are just learning to make it. Mix the eggs that flourish the character is white, thick, shiny and leave traces on it that is not easily lost. When the mixer we lift, the dough attached to the mixer will not fall.

Addition of Flour

In making the cake we use wheat flour or can also other types of flour. Like cornstarch, black sticky rice flour, etc. The chocolate powder also includes flour. In a sense, if we modify a recipe and will add chocolate powder to a regular recipe. We must reduce the amount of flour a number of chocolate powder that we add. When will add the flour to the eggs, we should sift it first and then put in little by little.
But there is a cake recipe that requires us to shake the dough all in one. We shake flour simultaneously no problem. This is because in the recipe must use cake emulsifier materials such as SP, TBM or Ovalet. Mix the flour into the dough cake manually using a spatula. Do it from the bottom up, usually we often call it the technique of stir back.

Mixing Margarine / Butter

First, we start by liquefying margarine over low heat while stirring it to melt quickly. Pour margarine into the dough should be slow and stir back until completely blended. The results will be more leverage if you use a glass bowl. Because with the glass bowl we can ensure the mixing of the bottom dough. If we are not flat in mixing margarine cause the cake we make cautious. Stirring margarine also need not be too strong or too long, because the dough will come down again.

Mixing Other Materials

For flavor, variations are usually mixed with other ingredients. From the basic recipes that we already fit the taste, we can vary the type of cake that we will make. For example, we will make a chocolate cake from the basic ingredients of regular sponge cake. Meaning the formula is we add cocoa powder but reduce the amount of flour a number of chocolate powder that we add. Can also add liquids. For example, We will make butter cake with fruit flavor, we can add orange …

The Beginnings Of Your Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck might seem like it would be an easy job, but there are several components that you need to consider before everything comes together for a successful business. When you begin looking into the business of food trucks, don’t get involved with the first idea that you hear about. Instead, think about what you really enjoy, using that as a basis for what you sell. You can usually sell anything from a food truck as long as you have the proper license, materials and safety equipment, especially if you’re selling food. It’s best to do one thing almost perfectly instead of doing a few things less than 100 percent.

Avoid starting this kind of business just because it seems like everyone else has a food truck. If you are good at selling and can work independently, then a food truck might be the best option. Be prepared to offer your ideas in less than a minute. You should be able to give details to an investor, a finance company or customers in a short time so that they understand what you’re selling and your goals behind the business. Once they have a clear idea as to what kind of business you operate, then you can begin talking more about the products and the underlying details. Don’t think that you know everything about operating a food truck even if you have been in the business for several years. It won’t appeal to the masses, and it could hurt your business. Come up with a name for your truck that is catchy and that gives an indication as to what you’re selling.

When you begin designing the truck, you need to think about what you’re offering, such as tacos, cupcakes, ice cream or another kind of food that you know how to prepare. You’re going to need coolers, warmers, ovens and other items to prepare the food and store it when it’s not being served. Follow all safety protocols with food, such as hand washing and sanitizing counters, so that you and the people who work for you are protected. It will also protect your customers.…

Tricks Some Steakhouse Restaurants May Use to Fool Their Diners to Maximize Profits

While there are lots of conscientious local steakhouse owners out there who want to do right by their customers, you want to be extra diligent when dining out. It’s not exactly unheard of for a restaurant to get one over you.

So before you book a table at a good steakhouse, it’s a smart idea to be well-informed. Here are a few common tricks some unscrupulous restaurants use to maximize profits:

  1. They claim to offer prime beef. A truly fine steak dinner involves a grade of meat that’s flavorful and richly marbled. The problem is that prime beef is rather expensive, and they’re not all that common either. So some steak houses may say that their beef is great even when it’s not.

This is rather common when some steakhouses boast their “Angus beef.” Angus prime beef is great when it comes to marbling, juiciness, and flavor. But some beef have the Angus tag and they’re not as good. They may be referring to “Angus” beef that even fast food joints brag about—and those aren’t really great.

  1. They don’t cook it properly. Some steakhouses take shortcuts that maximize their profits, but they reduce the quality of the steak. Some places actually precook their steaks during the day, and then finish cooking them when a customer orders the steak. The problem with this method is that the juices escape during the first stage of cooking.

Another common crime in the kitchen is when they cram too many steaks into their broiler at the same time. That disrupts the cooking temperatures, and the beef isn’t prepared properly as a result. You want your steak prepared just right. You’re paying extra for good food so it better be worth every penny.

  1. Only expensive wines are offered. A full-bodied red wine goes very well with steak. Most people know this, and steakhouse managers certainly know it too.

In most establishments, wines are offered at double the retail price. So it means that they make more money when they serve expensive wines. So in some cases, steakhouses only stock the most expensive wines since their customers have no choice but to pick from the wine list.

If your steakhouse really cares about their customers, they’ll offer a more extensive wine list that includes affordable red wines. Try the red wine from South America or Spain—the price is reasonable and yet they offer great value. How can you enjoy a good steak if you’re worried about the cost of your drink, right?

  1. They offer high prices for side dishes. In some steakhouses, the sides are where they make the real profits. The raw ingredients in some side dishes only cost a few cents, and yet they can charge $10 and up for the dish.

To avoid these problems, stick to the basics. All you really need with your steak is a salt-crusted baked potato. Perhaps you can also get a side of sautéed mushrooms.

We’re not saying that steakhouses are out to scam you. But there are certainly those who are only out to make profits and don’t really care about their customers. Knowing what to watch out for will help you avoid becoming a victim and ensure you are always getting value for your money when eating out. Hopefully this article will be helpful next time you’re …

Home Delivery of Fresh and Healthy Meals

I’m 24 years old and recently graduated from college and started a new job. I have my own apartment now and am finding out what it is like to live on my own. Most of my time is taken up with work and I find myself eating out more often than I should. I need to find a way to eat clean and fresh foods to help encourage a healthy lifestyle for myself. This would mean no more fast food carry out or stopping at the local pub for fish and chips. I know I can do this and have made up my mind to make it happen.

My sister told me about a local company that provides healthy meals with only the freshest ingredients available.She went on to tell me that depending on your wants and needs they have several meal plans to choose from. All you have to do is place your order and it is delivered to your house the following day. How much easier could that be? I decided to look up this company and see for myself what they have to offer. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw when I pulled up their website and wanted to know more about them.

After looking over information about this company I was convinced to give them a try. I went ahead and placed an order for the lean meal plan and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. I really like the idea that the meals are fully prepared and all I have to do is heat them up. This is going to be perfect for taking a healthy meal to work for lunch. I have no doubts that this is what I need to start taking care of myself by eating healthier.…

Improve Your Venue with a Stunning Commercial Bar

We inject all our work with equal measures of style and substance here at Dawnvale. When designing and building a commercial bar, it’s important to combine functionality with aesthetics. You can view our work in restaurants all over the country, including TGI Fridays and The Alchemist. We strive to deliver designs that promote efficiency while driving profit, using cutting-edge engineering to craft the perfect workspace for your business.

Ask yourself, what should a great commercial bar do? Besides serving drinks, that is! For us, it’s all about optimizing your operational flow, accelerating your service and providing your staff with the tools they need for their jobs. Imagine trying to perform surgery without a scalpel. You wouldn’t get very far. The same goes for any business, especially those in the hospitality industry. Without an optimal bar for your venue, you can’t deliver the best service, which ultimately affects your profits. We specialize in building world-class commercial bars, so leave it to us. We’ll manage the project from start to finish which means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Visit to learn more about our work.

Commercial Bar Design Ideas

Brand recognition plays a vital role in all commercial businesses, and the best brands should convey quality. We’ve built bespoke bars for the UK’s biggest restaurant chains, all designed with speed and style in mind. Here are just a few of the bar design services we offer.

  • Bar Design + Build. Everything from the bar stools to the foot rails we can deliver. There’s no need for you to lift a finger once we understand your requirements. From then on you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish. Leave it to us or guide our hands. Either way, you’ll have a first-class commercial bar at the end of the project. We’ll even handle all the accessories, like refrigeration, glass racks, and glass washers. No bar is complete without these essential items. With our help, your bar will have everything you need to impress guests and boost profits.
  • Bespoke Bar Tops. The bar is the focal point of any restaurant, which means it should always look stunning. We can deliver a range of bar top styles, including zinc, pewter, copper, marble, and granite. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, something to make your venue stand out from the competition, then Dawnvale is the company for you. We are at your disposal and, should you need it, we can design custom-tailored bar tops to suit your style.
  • Cocktail Stations. Whether part of the main bar or a separate area altogether, never underestimate the value of a great cocktail station. Great for large party-hosting venues, cocktail stations help prevent a crowded bar by divvying up your customers. It’s also a sophisticated and functional addition to your venue. No matter the shape, size, or material, we can make your vision a reality.
  • Bar Lighting. Restaurants and similar venues are places of relaxation. Creating a certain mood and ambiance is essential to the success of your business. Guests should be able to unwind in your establishment and lighting goes a long way to helping achieve this. It’s hard for guests to relax under glaring bright lights after all. Similarly, the right backlighting can enhance your bar display, encouraging customers to let loose.


Internet of Things: Discovering Recent Advancements in the World of Technology

Are you aware that smart devices have moved beyond your smart phone? Modern kitchens have gone up the standards and are now full of smart appliances hence smart kitchens. They have smart fridges with giant touchscreens that display your calendar, allow you to play music and even order groceries when you’re running low. Embedded with cameras, they can take images of the food in stock and allow you to access the feed from your smartphone. You can then easily check whether you need to pick up something from the grocery store on your way home.

Technology has brought about various disruptive technologies that transform the way we do work and live. One such technology is an emerging technology – the Internet of Things (IoT). If you don’t know the definition, Internet of Things is an advancement that aims to interconnect both computing and non-computing objects together, including cups and plates via the Internet, allowing them to send and receive data. Picture it this way: your alarm waking you up and sending a signal to your coffee maker to start brewing coffee. Long live smart devices!

The First Smart Coffee Mug

Maybe you didn’t believe when I mentioned that a cup could be smart. Designed and developed for use today, smart mugs provide you with the pleasure to enjoy your tea, coffee or any other desired beverage at a temperature of your choice. The mugs have the technology to make your drink remain at your preferred temperature for about four hours or even all day if connected to a charger.

Other features include 12 fluid ounces, sleek design with a comfortable grip, temperature controlled, leak-proof, Bluetooth enabled to connect to Android and iOS, works with any beverage, and slim and compacted charging adapter so you can drink your beverage while at the same time charging the mug. Use this link to find further information on the smart mug technology.

What a perfect solution for people who make a nice cup of coffee only to forget about it, and by the time they remember, it’s already cold. People who travel a lot and would love to enjoy a cup of coffee on the commute will also adore this mug.

IoT Technology and Mobile Applications Development

The world of technology is fast advancing. Smart mugs are part of the development that is facilitating the Internet of Things technology by designing and developing technology dependent kitchen devices. This coffee mug can be controlled manually by rotating a control gadget on the bottom of the cup, or with a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Technology has also provided us with mobile apps. Gone are the days when accessing software applications meant that you had to be in the office premises, or even at home. Armed with your smart phone or any other mobile smart device, you get progressively connect to other devices and objects both at home and in the office through mobile apps. You can, therefore, access data and information, work, and manage stuff remotely without geographical limitations. Technology will continually provide us with advanced smart gadgets and only time will tell the direction of this coasting.


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