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Choosing the Right Food

Choosing the Right Food

Body requires sufficient proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals on daily basis for good health of the body. These are available through the food that we consume in the form of vegetables, meat, fruits and cereals etc. Dieticians also advise us to consume at least 30 grams of fiber everyday through the natural foods. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables. Hence choosing the right food helps.

The various cereals that we consume are rich source of fiber. Before buying always check the label to ensure that the cereal contains at least 4 grams of fiber per serving. The coarser the cereal grain, the better will be the fiber content. Wheat bran is an excellent source of fiber and can be added to as supplement in your cereals, break, yogurt or salad.

The other rich source of fiber comes from vegetables and especially leafy vegetables as well as various types of beans etc. They are rich in insoluble fibers. Vegetables should be a part of daily diet. They can be combined with any dish or simply saut?�ed, pureed or added to the salad for consumption and digest easily.

The breads and pasta that we consume daily also provide us with sufficient fiber. One should always use whole grain and multi grain breads and pasta and avoid as much as possible refined flour.

Add sufficient cereals, vegetables, dairy products, dry fruits and fruits in your daily diet. These provide you with the required vitamins and proteins besides fiber. Adding fruits will give you less sugar and fewer calories too.

Make sure you take a bowl of lentil soup with beans everyday for this provides along with proteins, sufficient fiber and is very good for the body too. You can boil lentils and add to the salad or veggie dishes too.

Get into the habit of having balanced and planned meals and consume plenty of water, at least three liters per day.

You can keep away from having to take extra dietary supplements if you are able to have balanced meals with sufficient fiber content.