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Exotic Greens

Exotic Greens

With everyone in the world interested eating healthier and wanting to drop unwanted weight, exotic greens have been popular in the recent years. These greens especially are used in salads. Salads are a healthy addition to your meal, so it would make sense to add some other exotic greens in the mix. Many people are confused of the different ingredients that some people put in their salad. Here is a list of some unusual exotic greens to put in your salad:

1. Daffodil Greens- These are the leaves of a daffodil flower. They carry a bitter taste to them but offer a lot of nutritional value. Any greens that you find which is dark, is going to be packed with nutrition and protein.

2. Bok Choy- Full of vitamins A and C, this crunchy exotic green is a salad lover’s delight. With the iron content, Bok Choy offers a great deal of nutrition and fibers into the ingredients. Bok Choy can be cooked or eaten raw. The special thing of this exotic green is that it retains its crunchiness even after it has been cooked.

3. Bilimbi- This fruity tasting green offers many interesting tastes to the salad maker. With the addition of this green, you can add that sweet flavor to your salad. This green is to be cooked due to the acidity of the green to be eaten raw. After cooked, this sweet green will compliment your salad.

4. Sauropus- Primarily used in meats and pork, the sauropus green offers a great deal of nutritional value to compliment any salad. This exotic green offers vitamins and fresh taste that everyone can enjoy. The fresh taste, which can be similar to fresh peas, is normally eaten raw. Sauropus can also be steamed to compliment even more of a nutty flavor.

Whether you like the bitter taste of the daffodil green or have a sweet tooth for other greens, you can find that many people have different taste buds. Next time you want to prepare a salad, think of these exotic greens. They can give your salad that extra kick of flavor that you have always wanted.