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Fruits and Vegetables Diet

Fruits and Vegetables Diet

Fruits and vegetables are at the heart of doing a seven day detox. It is a great method to keep the body functioning at its best while providing the necessary nutrients it needs.

Eating fruits can help to boost your immunity and can be consumed in any way either in juices, fresh, canned or dried. Vegetables are a great way to get the extra vitamins and nutrition that you need and you can eat them either fresh or canned, but if you buy them in the can make sure that they are not packed in any type of salt solution.

Not only do the fruits and vegetables help with your metabolism and immunity, they also help to rid the body of built up toxins and heavy metals.

Stress is a fact of life for many and while we may find ways to cope with it, it does have its effect on the body by causing us to store built up toxins and heavy metals over the course of time. The seven day detox is ideal for helping the body to release these stored toxins and metals and will help us to lose some extra weight as well. This is not very hard to do.

While detoxing the body it is important to stick to natural things. Things like eggs, chocolate and coffee, tea and soda should be avoided, as well as meats, except fish during these seven days.

If you stay with the diet for seven days you will be a lot leaner, stronger and feel great. Do get regular exercise during all this as well. You can, if you wish, stay with the diet for a longer period of time; you will ultimately lose more weight and flush more toxins from your body, which will help you to feel strengthened and lessen or eliminate any bad habits you may have developed.

By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables you will provide your body with the right amount of nutrition. This method is safer and less restrictive than other types of diets as long as you eat the right combinations of fruits, fish and vegetables each day.

You don’t need any special equipment or foods to do this and it is very easy to do.