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Is Your Food Making You Tired?

Is Your Food Making You Tired?

If you’re like me and love V8 and other smoothie type drinks – then you may want to know that there is a better, cheaper, and more potent alternative. It’s just as tasty and delicious as purchased drinks – but it’s twice as healthy as those! (Many would say much more tasty since you can customize it to your liking – from scratch!)

One thing about these vegetable juice or fruit juices sold at the grocery store is that they are actually made with all natural ingredients – BUT they also come with a very bad ingredient that is a deal breaker for your body: preservatives. Preservatives are responsible for a lot of clogged, backed up, and weight producing bodies. These ingredients are really bad for the body and even one bad meal out of the day can offset a good diet for the other two meals. This makes it detrimental to the body’s overall efficiency and ability to smoothly metabolize foods.

The solution is to start getting more nutrients, minerals (found in water and foods), and less of all the other bad stuff prevalent in our “food supply”. Is there a way to do that effectively without having to suffer eating health foods that are simply not tasty like wheat germ and various others? Of course, it’s called juicing. If you have a good juicer you can change everything in a few easy and less expensive steps.

First of all, purchasing vegetables in packaging of any kind means there is a likelihood of preservatives being in it. Even if they’re aren’t any preservatives, you don’t get your money ‘s worth because you often get less than if you’d purchased fresh (broccoli for example) vegetables and cut them up yourself. You also pay for branding, packaging, and seasoning. The vegetables are frozen and can be old and not very tasty compared to fresh vegetables.

That said, think about this: if you were to purchase fresh vegetables you’d get more bang for your buck both financially and health benefit-wise. You’d also get into the good habit of purchasing your veggies fresh for both juicing together with other veggies and fruits and for cooking yourself.

When juicing vegetables together you don’t want to get frozen anything, all fresh is always best. By mincing several vegetables and fruits together you get a wide variety of great nutrients and your body will thank you with energy, feeling better, feeling more motivated, thinking clearly, and much more.

Removing preservatives alone makes juicing more effective and the body can start to heal, push out those toxins and do what it was designed to do in the first. Over time (about 100 days) if you exercise, drink plenty of water to help the body metabolize and move the nutrients to the right places, and try to remove all bad foods from your diet; you should feel amazing, and that alone will motivate you to continue.