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Is Your Garden Poisoning You, Your Children, Your Pets and Your Neighbors?

Is Your Garden Poisoning You, Your Children, Your Pets and Your Neighbors?

Many people find that once they learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables they really enjoy the convenience of having the fresh food easily accessible. Disappointingly, people indiscriminately use chemicals and fertilizers to improve the quality of the food they grow and to reduce the weeds in the garden. Despite all the good intentions, the question that must be asked of all gardeners is “Is your Garden Poisoning You, Your Children, Your Pets and Your Neighbors?”

Environmental Impact of Traditional Gardening Methods

The answer to this question is probably “yes”. Does this ring alarm bells in your mind? If it does maybe you are one of the many consumers who have chosen to buy only organic foods from supermarkets. We are discovering just how many of the chemicals traditionally used to produce the foods we eat are causing health problems that they potentially will remain with us for many years to come.

Most gardeners don’t realize that everything they do in the garden potentially poisons the environment. As we learn more about our health and how the foods we eat can affect our health and the health of our families, we are becoming more concerned about the widespread use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

Concerned home gardeners are turning to organic gardening. If you are one of these gardeners, perhaps you are wondering how you can learn the secrets and best practice methods of growing fruits and vegetables without causing harm to the environment.

There are plenty of online resources that enable you to take an E Course or other training to help you discover new ways of gardening that is free of toxins. The focus of learning should be to learn how to use the ecosystem of the garden to grow a garden that is naturally resistant to pests and diseases and which is naturally healthy and aided by plant based fertilizers that are chemical free and do not poison the environment.

Learning Online

The courses available online will help you plan your garden and your gardening practices to not only keep you and your immediate family healthy, but all animals that visit your garden (birds for example.) These courses will help you to plan, create and grow the garden you have always wanted.

Economically Sensible Choices

Growing fruits and vegetables organically is an economically sensible choice. Reduced food bills and a garden that doesn’t require expensive chemicals and fertilizers will save you many dollars. Once established, the garden will continue to provide years of growing pleasure.

The choice to grow an organic garden is a choice available to all families. Whether you live in a small apartment or have residents, or many acres to develop, you can have a choice in what types of foods you eat. “Is your garden poisoning you, your family, your pets and your neighbors”? If you are using organic techniques, the answer is probably no.