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Know How to Keep Guests Happy

There are plenty of swell places to go to when you’re trying to entertain guests. Whether it’s an out of town friend who wants you to show them the town, or if you are trying to show your date how to have a good time in your city, you need to know where fun events are taking place in your city. Fun events make the night memorable. You can’t get away with taking people to empty diners when there are fun things happening in your neighborhood. Sometimes you want to have a nice, quiet night, but you need to know where the action is when you want people to be entertained.

I used to live in a city across the country, so I get guests coming to visit me from back home. I regularly have someone from college or high school coming in to my home to stay in my guest room, and most of the time the guests have free time to spend with me on the weekends. I have had a guest stay for business reasons once, but everyone else has come to my home for vacation purposes only. The person who visited for business purposes still had time to go out and find a fun thing to do on the weekend.

Guests need help finding things to do when they visit your city. The internet will give some suggestions for places to go for a quick bite of food. But the rest of the time people want to see exotic sights around my town. I have shown my guests the natural elements, and we have taken in a few fantastic museums together. I enjoy going to parks to walk my dog on my evenings and weekends, so I know some great natural attractions that my guests have enjoyed. I have also been lucky enough to work in museums for my job, so I know the ins and outs of which museum has which exhibit.

Having that knowledge is appropriate because people want to have options for which events are worth visiting in the little amount of time they have in your city. However, most people want to find a great place to eat that serves local cuisine. This is why I take careful notes on which places have appealed to me. I’ve found many Monterey CA restaurant places to eat very fulfilling, and I’m glad to pass my recommendations onto any of my guests.

We’ve had so many guests over the years staying at our home that we decided to try hosting strangers to live in our private guest house. If we decide to go this route, it would give us a little extra money. However, having knowledge of all these events happening in my city will make our vacation destination more valuable to guests. Even strangers like to get recommendations from locals. I know I enjoy knowing where all the action is in my city. We’re keeping a log book full of all the places to visit.