Cold dish that is usually used as dessert or dessert can now be enjoyed in various variants of delicious flavors nan. However, not many people know about the history, facts and interesting things behind the enjoyment of ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most global foods and can be regarded as the only food that is fitting for all races in the world.

The history of ice that we know today is actually found first by the Chinese people around 700 AD. Later, years passed and China opened trade ties with Italy. The opening of this trade line then made Marcopolo, an Italian ocean explorer bringing ice cream recipes from China to his country. In Italy, this ice cream recipe is then modified with syrup and ice mix. Be ice cream a la Italiano then enjoyed by the nobility of Europe and spread throughout the world.

 In America, new ice cream was popular in the 19th century, as the invention of ice cream machines to meet the American people’s high demand for these snacks. From America also came the name of ice cream, which comes from the word “iced cream”. In Indonesia, ice cream brought by the Dutch, at first is a very expensive and luxurious food.

 Ice Cream Salon is the first ice cream that can only be enjoyed in big cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Malang and Surabaya. At that time most ice cream can only be enjoyed by the Dutch only and then the people of Indonesia replace the basic ingredients of ice cream in the form of milk, which at that time very expensive, with coconut milk. Coconut made from coconut is a lot of there in Indonesia, then processed into ice cream.

No country or nation anywhere in the world claims the use of basic ingredients of coconut milk for ice cream other than Indonesia Definition Ice Cream Ice cream is a frozen food made from dairy products such as cream (or the like), combined with flavorings and sweeteners. This mixture is cooled by stirring while reducing its temperature to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, the temperature is reduced by putting a mixture of ice cream onto a container inserted into a mixture of crushed ice and salt. Salt makes the liquid water can be below the freezing point of pure water, making the container get a touch evenly with the water and ice.

 Myths and Facts about Ice Cream Myth: Ice cream is the obesity. Fact: Obesity is caused by excessive energy and fat and lack of physical activity due to poor eating habits and heredity. Meanwhile, the contribution of energy and fat in ice cream per serving is very small, which is about 10 percent of the total energy requirement per day and 15 percent of the total requirement of fat per day.
Myth: Ice cream causes a cold cough. Fact: Ice cream quickly melts when it enters the oral cavity due to the influence of body temperature, so when ice cream goes into the esophagus, its temperature is not as cold as ice water. The cause of cough for colds is mainly viruses and allergens in children who have congenital allergic properties.

 Myth: Ice cream causes cavities. Fact: Tooth decay is caused by fermentation of carbohydrate and sugar remaining on teeth. It is advisable to drink water, gargle, or brush your teeth after eating sweet foods like ice cream. Myth: Eating ice cream too quickly makes a headache. Fact: There is a theory that ice cream headache (or more commonly called brain freeze) is caused by rapid cooling of the frontal sinus, which triggers local nerve pain.

Another theory says, the cause is the narrowing of blood vessels in the ceiling and back of the mouth causes active nerve pain and pain spread to the head. At the back of the mouth there is a central nerve called sphenopalatine ganglion, and quite possibly this is the cause of the brain freeze Some of the hallmark of ice cream in the world according to the country of origin.

 Here are some of the typical ice cream in the world in terms of taste and how to enjoy it: In Italy, the popular ice cream is Gelatoo sole mioini and also the punyasorbettodari of southern Italy with the typical citarasalemondanorange. In France, the popular ice cream is ice cream with high levels of liquor (liquor / alcoholic alcohol). In the United States again, because the people are enthusiasts of solid and portioned food, ice cream with a mixture of cookies, caramel and beans plus a larger portion (can be as much as a sample of scoop from another ice cream) is Obama’s favorite ice cream. . In Turkey, the ice cream is po