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The Best Types of Office Lighting For Your Employees

Lighting in an office affects the mood of your employees, determines productivity and influences creativity. Dim lighting can strain the eyes, leading to headaches, while lights that are too bright can trigger migraines in those people who are predisposed to them. Knowing the best type of lighting is important for your office environment aesthetics.

Natural Light

Natural light from windows is the best type of light you can have in an office space. Maximize the amount of natural light coming into your space to keep your employees healthy by allowing their sleep rhythms to regulate. This allows them to sleep well at night and be productive each day at work. Place your Indianapolis office furniture as close to the windows as possible to enhance your employees workspace.

Bright, Warm Light

The color and temperature of the lighting in your office can increase the productivity of your employees. Bright, warm, white light has been shown to increase alertness and concentration. This type of lighting in work areas can be highly effective. Dimmer, warmer light can be used in break areas and lounge spaces to promote relaxation.

LED or Fluorescent Light

LED lights are more energy-efficient and a healthier option for your employees. The harshness of fluorescent lighting can trigger migraines and dis-regulate sleep cycles because of how bright they can be. LED lights can be programmed to change color depending on the time of day and the season, which can allow you to create the best possible lighting environment for your employees throughout the year.

Ambient Light

Adding final touches with ambient lights, such as floor lamps and string lights, can add enjoyment to the work atmosphere and increase employee happiness. Ambient lights can make a space cozy and welcoming, which will make your employees excited to be at work.

Taking advantage of any natural light in your office and using other lighting well can keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.