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Declining Nutrition in Our Foods – Its All Energy

Declining Nutrition in Our Foods – Its All Energy

We have been hearing that the soils are depleted and the food grown today is not as nutritious as it used to be. Why is our food supply “suddenly” less nutritious? We have been farming for thousands of years. Some areas in Europe have had the same plots plowed up for hundreds or even thousands of years. The US has only been extensively farming for the last 200 years. Why is it now that our crops have suddenly lost nutritional value? For the last hundred years we have even developed new sustainable agriculture techniques that are supposed to help preserve the soil, what is going on?

I think we are looking in the wrong area. I would like to see a nutritional study between crops grown on large US corporate farms and served in fast-food restaurant and crops grown on small personal family plots where the food is prepared at home and served to the Family. The one ingredient that is missing in our mass produced, hurry up and eat food is love.

Everything carries a vibration or a natural frequency: all foods, all emotions. Vibrations mix and can be beneficial to each other or detrimental. Crops grown in a family plot are grown with love and tender care, knowing that the fruit will be feed to family and friends. When the food is prepared in the home environment, it is prepared with love and maybe excitement. What do you get when you go to “Fast and Quick Bar-B-Q” down the street. You get meat that was butchered by a person that may have no concern for the animal, it is just a job. You get coleslaw and beans made with vegetables grown on large corporate farms where hired hands drive large machines through the fields in air-conditioned comfort with music and sometimes a TV blaring, distancing them from the crops below. You get cooks at the restaurant who have to make the same recipe day after day with no creativity and no direct contact with the eaters. Many of the people working at the restaurant are making minimum wages and are often not in the best emotional state (stressed, bored, angry, annoyed, bitter, discontented, frustrated, worried etc) and the vibration from these emotions goes directly into your food!

The vibrations of love, peace and joy also just makes food taste better. That is why the homegrown tomatoes taste so much better than the ones bought from the grocery store that were strip-mined in Texas. So the next time you eat at “Fast and Quick Bar-B-Q” down the street, replenish your food by sending it some love before you eat. Maybe that is what saying grace is all about.