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Green Smoothies: An Easy Way to Consume More Vegetables

Green Smoothies: An Easy Way to Consume More Vegetables

Green smoothies are commonly fruits and green vegetables blended together to form a rich and nutritious drink. Fruits contribute to the rich and tasteful flavor, while the leafy, green vegetables contribute with the essential nutrients and thick texture. Green smoothies are very popular nowadays, most especially to the health-conscious and to those with vegetarian lifestyles.

These are natural and healthy beverages that contain basically all the daily required essential amino acids for the body’s needs. The purpose of blending several fruits and leafy green vegetables is not only to combine these foods into a single nutritious drink but to also provide the essential nutrients that the body requires daily. A single fruit or vegetable alone cannot provide what the body demands, which is why several fruits and vegetables are blended together. However, not just any fruit or vegetable will do. There are certain recipes that utilize only certain fruits and leafy greens. Taste does matter in food and drinks, and the more palatable it is, the better is the promotion of its consumption. Examples of these certain fruits and vegetables used in recipes for the making of green smoothies include oranges, mango, peaches and apples. As for leafy greens, the most popular and widely-used are spinach and celery. Broccoli, carrots, and other vegetables or plant sources which contain starch, are, however, not advisable. Other potential ingredients include green tea, barley and wheat grass.

For vegetarians, a meat diet has its disadvantages and is considered unhealthy. However, some vegetarians are vegetarians because of beliefs – either in the form of religion, philosophical outlook, or based on ethical concerns. Fruits and vegetables are sources of nutrition for vegetarians, and this is why it is encouraged for vegetarians to eat a variety or combination of different fruits and vegetables. Vegetables contain dietary fibers, which help control levels of blood sugar and blood cholesterol. These dietary fibers not only help in expelling carcinogens and other harmful substances from the body, but these also help promote better digestion and healthy excretion habits. After all, it is healthy to expel unwanted substances from the body regularly.

Green smoothies are also an easy way to consume more vegetables. How? Not all vegetarian meals are palatable, and most people these days want to eat meals with something sweet. Soft drinks and other beverages with artificial sweeteners can be unhealthy because of their components – such as aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Green smoothies are, however, natural and safe for consumption. and there is essentially no limit on how much you can drink. Not only that, but they are relatively cheaper. Individuals with vegetarian diets will most especially benefit from green smoothies, because this helps them consume more vegetables. More vegetables mean more sources of nutrients as well as the chance of having a complete set of essential amino acids in their everyday diet. Not only are green smoothies an easy way to consume more vegetables, but they are also an easy way to consume more fruits. After all, green smoothies are both fruits and vegetables blended together.