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What to Look into When Choosing a Studio Microphone

When it is choosing the right studio microphone that you will be dong that choosing the right one is not that hard once you will also determine what to look for. It is when you will be recording for voice and instruments that it is you that should know that you should be using different microphones. Once you will know what the microphones are for that you can start choosing the right one.

When you are recording instrument and live performers that the microphone that you shd be using is the dynamic one. It is the dynamic microphones that you will definitely use in live performances. It is the condenser microphone that one should be using whenever he will be wanting to record vocals or soft recordings. It is important that you will b taking a look at your budget but having both types are very important.

When you will take a look at a condenser microphones that it is the one that has a flatter frequency which is very important in vocal recording. It’s when a condenser microphone is what you will be using that it is you that will be able to get a clearer and accurate recording. It is the dynamic microphone n the other hand that tunes out the details since it is basically made for instruments and live performances.

A phantom power at around 48 volts is what is being given to a condenser microphone when you will use it with a preamp or a mixer. There will be an extra boost that one can get whenever he will be using a preamp with it. Since the dynamic microphone, on the other hand, is being used ruggedly that it is the one that doesn’t need any additional power.

Another thing that you also should consider when choosing a studio microphone is the pickup pattern that it has. It is when you will be taking a look at the pickup pattern of studio microphones that they are the ones that can be divided into three and they are the bidirecitonal microphones, the omni directional microphones, and the unidirecitonal microphones.

When you will be choosing an omni directional microphone that they are the ones that pick u sounds evenly. It is this type of microphone that you shod not be choosing whenever you will be having a home recording. The very reason for this one is that it picks up sounds around you including your neighbor.

It is when a bidirectional microphone that you will choose that it will pick up sounds in two ways and that is the back and the front. Sharing microphones can be done with this one and that is why they are used mostly in interviews. Isolating sounds can be done with a unidirectional microphone as it receives sounds in one direction only.

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