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Vegetable Juicing for Great Taste!

Vegetable Juicing for Great Taste!

Some folks need some help with the taste of their vegetable juices!

The most frequent cause of lack of enjoyment with fresh homemade juice is veggie juicing with a preponderance of green vegetables. We like to avoid that problem by not using too many greens in our mix.

There are a number of ways to get your vegetable juice to taste great and still maintain its invaluable nutrient content. Let me give you at least three ways to solve this problem.

First, Use Greens Plus

The first way to improve taste is in the mix or recipe you use. As you know the various nutrients available in different vegetables are seen in their rainbow of colors. So, we want to juice a wide range of colors in each and every drink, greens and otherwise!

Because carrots are loaded with so many vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients we like to use them as our base – 3 to 5 ounces in an 8 ounce serving. We then make up the remaining juice needed with a wide assortment of many different vegetables including some of the items mentioned below.

Second, Use Specific Fruit Only!

With less greens and a wide variety making up your recipe you are well on your way to better taste. Mixing fruit with your vegetables is a definite, emphatic NO NO! However, there is almost always an exception to most such rules. The exception here are apples! And, just coincidentally apples add a very pleasant sweetness to your juice along with many very helpful and valuable nutrients. Add A� to 2 apples to your vegetable juice depending on size and taste you like best.

There are two more fruit exceptions and they are limes and lemons. These you can use in any of a couple ways. You could just add a squeeze or three of juice, or juice a portion of the fruit itself. It’s all a matter of taste here so be as frugal or as generous as your taste buds demand. These I prefer peeled but that too is up top you!

Third, Use Flavorful Veggies

Your inclusion of certain vegetables will tend to change the taste of your mix. Many of the darkest greens have the strongest tastes but need to be included in your mix due their valuable nutrient content. However, we can counter their strong odor, I mean taste, with the inclusion of one, two or three veggies of a sweeter variety. Since we start with a carrot base that makes for a good beginning. However, there others that will improve flavoring while adding nutrient value at the same time. These include; cabbage, beets, celery, cucumber and, of course, carrots.

Incorporate the above ideas and I’m confident you will find the taste of your vegetable juice appealing if not downright good! You might even want to add a couple of ounces of distilled water into your juice to improve the taste. Oh, here’s a bonus method for you to try.

Bonus, A Fourth Improvement: Spices, Herbs and Extracts Many folks are including a small amount of various spices and or herbs into their juice. Nutmeg or cinnamon may work for you. Or, try some fresh mint! You could even add in some pure vanilla or maple extract, yummm, sounds good. The idea here is to experiment until you find mixes that work well for you both nutritionally and in taste.

The bottom line is – Do Not Give Up as this juicing strategy is probably THE best one you can find for your Greatest Wellness, bar none! Here’s to your Greatest Wellness via Proper Juicing,

Joe & Shirley