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Discover These Lesser Known Italian Foods

At some point in your life, you may have tried famous Italian foods such as pizza McKinney TX, pasta, panini and gelato. However, there are some appetizers, meals and desserts that you and others may not have heard about. You might find them either at a fine Italian restaurant or even at the old country. Learn more about some of these authentic Italian meals.

Parmigiana di Melanzane

You are likely familiar with chicken parmesan, an Italian American staple that combines chicken, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Its predecessor, parmigiana di melanzane, might be somewhat more obscure to you. People used certain vegetables as protein due to the lack of affordable meat in Europe. Grilled eggplant is usually topped with marinara sauce and baked parmesan cheese. Expect to see this dish more often if you travel to Italy today.


Prosciutto crudo is a special type of thin, uncooked dry-cured ham. Italians generally enjoy the sweet and slightly salty flavor that results from curing the meat between one to three years. While not a dish itself, it complements other foods such as:

  • Pizza
  • Melon
  • Sandwiches
  • Figs
  • Crespelles (Italian crepes)
  • Fish

You can apply this meat to many different dishes, snacks and even desserts. However, distribution to the United States is limited, so it might be somewhat expensive.

Chicken Cacciatore

The word “cacciatore” translates to “hunter,” making it a hunter’s style meal. As such, it is often prepared with basic vegetables like peppers, onions and herb, accompanied with wild game meat like rabbit. Modern cacciatore versions feature chicken and even use the remaining grease to fry the vegetables. Most US restaurants also emphasize tomatoes and marinara sauce. Northern Italy recipes will add white wine to the sauce while southern versions use red wine instead.

Italy has a large selection of dishes and snacks that you might not even know exist. Boost your curiosity by learning more about these delights and several more.…

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What You Need for Your New Bakery



Running a bakery is an excellent way to share your love of sweet treats with others and make money doing so. Starting a bakery, however, requires a bit of work. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to get going.

A Business Plan

One of the first things you’ll need is a business plan. This acts as your guide, outlining where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

Startup Capital

Starting any business is an expensive endeavor. If you don’t have the cash on hand, you’ll need to secure financing. Getting a small business loan is possible, but it may be challenging for a new business. Check out lines of credit, angel investors, and crowdfunding, too.

A Location

You can’t have a bakery if you don’t have a place to do your baking and sell your goods. When choosing a commercial kitchen, you’ll want to consider such things as accessibility, proximity to suppliers, and the local competition.


In addition to business licenses, you’ll also need to obtain the proper permits to serve food. Check out the requirements for the area to ensure you have all the licenses and permits you need.


You’ll need equipment to make your goods. Depending on what you’re making, you’ll need mixers, an oven, and a stovetop. You’ll also need Food Display Cases to show off your items while also keeping them safe.


Finally, you’ll need to hire some employees to help you run your bakery. You might need people to bake, decorate, and run the counter. A professional pastry chef (if you’re not one yourself) can be beneficial if you plan on offering wedding cakes and other intricate goods.

Starting a bakery takes more than a talent for making delicious treats (although that certainly comes in handy!). Getting everything you need in order will help you to ensure your success.



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3 Steps To Your Dream Family Reunion

Family reunions are a good way to reconnect with relatives while making fun new memories. Whether you invite only your immediate family or several generations of extended relations, you will want to follow the steps of brainstorming, delegating and relaxing to pull off your dream event.

Brainstorm With Your Guest List

Sending out a call for ideas is the first step when planning a family reunion because the responses can help you put together a list of interested relatives, good dates for the event and suggestions for locations. You can even brainstorm ideas for things to do and find some unique ones such as chartering a Galveston Island bus service to tour family history sites or to shuttle everyone between activities.

Delegate Tasks to Family Members

Once you have a basic theme and schedule figured out, you can turn blocks of time or responsibilities over to your helpers and reduce the number of details you need to track. For instance, your activities director can make a photobooth while your food director coordinates a potluck with the budget assigned to them by the financial director, leaving you more time to find mementos to display.

Relax With Your Family

It is important to remember that you wanted to have a reunion for a reason. If you would like to reconnect with distant relatives, for instance, then you need to take the time to relax and visit during the event. Even if everyone else has fun and there are no problems during the reunion, it can feel unsuccessful if you were running from one activity to another and doing last-minute tasks instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Planning a family reunion is easier when you bring others into the process. Your family can suggest fun activities and locations, coordinate with the venue and caterer, or keep track of the budget so you do not have to do everything by yourself. It is important to remember to relax and have fun with your family during the event, so you can enjoy the company instead of stressing over the details.…

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2 Tips To Help A Bank Work With a Lawyer

In life, it’s important to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. This not only keeps people optimistic but also keeps them protected for if an issue arises. In the banking industry, issues can definitely arise, and not being prepared can be a serious problem because banks are responsible for protecting someone’s hard-earned money. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Someone’s life savings could disappear if a bank isn’t practicing safe and secure measures which include employing a financial expert witness on staff. Having a banking lawyer is a good idea for any bank and can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Here are two tips to consider when searching for a banking expert.

1. Know About Billing Up Front

While questions about money can be uncomfortable, knowing what to expect is better than getting caught off guard. When deciding what lawyer to employ, make sure you’re both on the same page financially. Are they paid hourly? Is there a retainer fee? Do they have training and experience in the banking industry already, so you don’t have to pay them to learn? The more transparent everyone is in the beginning, the better the working relationship will be in the long run.

2. Ask About Current Clients

If someone is proud of and confident in their work, they should have no problem giving out names and numbers of current clients they have. If they don’t want to give out information, you may want to consider working with someone else. They could be hiding something, aren’t doing very well or may have no clients. It’s imperative to know a lawyer’s work ethic and results they deliver of someone you’re considering.

Being extra prepared is a good motto to live by throughout life. That way, you can approach tough situations with ease because you’ve already made it through half the battle. For a bank, finding a good lawyer is a great way to prepare for success in the financial industry.…

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Food Safety: the Good, the Bad, and the Questionable

To keep or not to keep? That is the question many people ask themselves as they try to determine whether food has overstayed its welcome. In addition to examining the product visually, such as by doing a fruit quality inspection Medley FL, people often base their decision on the date shown on the food’s label.

Unfortunately, this label is often a source of confusion that can lead to wasted food. The USDA estimates that consumers and retailers waste about 30% of the food supply, and the date displayed on a food product’s label contributes to this waste.

What Phrases Are Often Shown on Labels?

Some common phrases include the following; none of them are meant to indicate whether the product is safe to consume. A freeze-by date tells the user when, in order to maintain its peak quality, the food should be frozen. A sell-by date tells the store, for the purposes of industry management, how long the product should be displayed for sale. A use-by date indicates the last date on which a product can be used at its peak quality. A best if used by/before date conveys when the food’s flavor or quality will be at its best.

Can Expired Food Be Donated?

Yes, it can. As long as the food is not displaying any signs of spoilage, it should still be wholesome enough for someone else to use. It is possible, though, that a perishable product will have experienced some deterioration in terms of quality. Anyone planning to purchase and consume food from a surplus grocery, bargain outlet, or food-salvage store should first carefully evaluate the product.

What Are Some Safety Tips?

Avoid buying frozen food that appears to have thawed and been refrozen, as indicated by the appearance of food-stained packaging; this process may have allowed bacteria to grow. If canned food shows a bulge or looks swollen, don’t buy it; its appearance indicates the possibility of bacteria growing inside. Refrigerated food with an expired use-by or sell-by date should not be purchased; it could be perishable and might have started to spoil.

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What You Need to Know About Cutting Your Own Hair

Going to a salon isn’t the only way to get a fantastic hair cut. Have you ever considered cutting your own hair? With a vast amount of tutorials available for every hair type, cutting your own hair may be the solution you need to save money and time.

Take Your Time

One of the most important things you need to cut your own hair is patience. To end up with a salon-worthy haircut, you have to take your time and cut a little bit at a time. You can always cut more away, but if you snip it too short you may end up back at the salon for an emergency fix. Find tutorials for your hair type and take some time to watch other people cut their hair before you begin.

Buy the Proper Tools

If you’re going for a buzz cut, you’re going to need a set of hair clippers. For a trim, you need some professional shears. Without extremely sharp blades, your haircut can easily go awry. Blunt shears need shear sharpening Hilton Head Island to make sure your cuts aren’t ragged. Raggedy ends are a tell-tale sign of a DIY haircut gone wrong. With the best tools you have a better chance of a professional looking cut.

Set Up For Success

To cut your own hair, you’re going to need plenty of light and a variety of mirrors. The best location in your home will have natural light, the ability to set up multiple mirrors and a smooth floor for easy clean up. For most people a bathroom or kitchen will be ideal. Also consider having a friend help you with the hard to reach pieces of hair.

Cutting your own hair doesn’t have to be scary. With a little prep, the proper tools and some practice, you may never have to step foot in a salon again.…

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How to Run a High-Volume Wing Restaurants Near Me

Food experts usually refer to the industry elements they believe operators can improve upon, like the non-alcoholic drink program. But less often, they provide a concrete structure or insight into these elements. Since almost every sporting events are on break due to the pandemic, we figure this is an excellent time to change the growing trend.

We are going to focus on the ever-dependable chicken wings and how to create the best and tastiest chicken wings on the planet. With the decision to focus on the business’s granular aspect, restaurateurs need to always focus on numbers to start. Numbers for business metrics are the bread-and-butter of any efficient operation. And that is where business owners start by building their high-volume food program.

Forecasting: How many chicken wings does a restaurant need?

How many wings does your bar need to make during sporting events like March Madness or the NFL Superbowl? Let us say bar owners want to crank up their wing sales by doing specials or highlighting chicken wings in their locations (remember, spicy wings equals more beer).

To calculate projected sales, visit this site for more details.

Restaurateurs need to include an effort to update their operations at the same time regularly. By foretelling, businesses can remove one of the biggest hurdles to success, the lack of preparation. Listed below is a simple formula business can follow based on how they want to prepare.

Daily sales by day of the week for at least ten weeks

Assumptions on projected sales increases

Operational status, including current ticket times for the product during volume, preparation conditions that will have a significant impact on sales turnout, as well as storage capacity for raw or prepped products

With this information, business owners can start planning their program goals, which express themselves in their response to the foretelling or forecasting. Using the information collected, restaurateurs can not only know their prep calendar, but they can also do their ordering at the same time. Let us say the restaurant is serving an eleven-pound portion that totals to ten wings, and the average number of chicken wings sold is thirty orders per day.


Here are some simple equations to get the business going:

The restaurant’s daily usage times 1.5 = Prep level

Prep level minus the product on-hand = the daily prep

If business owners want to deliver the freshest chicken products, prep 1.5 times their daily usage every morning

But if they want to do this less often, pre-cooked products are good for two to three days if refrigerated properly. Just multiply the daily prep by the number of days they want to prep and start from there.


Here are some tips for pre-cooking the wings to keep it with the client’s demands.

The value of pre-cooking the food will be pretty apparent to high-volume operators. By roasting or pre-frying, the chicken, businesses can dramatically reduce their turnout times. Just like prepping, some concerns need to be addressed to implement.

For more details about par cooking, check to find out more.

For frying

Cook chicken to par and let it cool on a pan with parchment paper. Par is just below the fully-cooked temperature. So, frying it for eight minutes and parring them for another six minutes in the oil. Once the meat has cool-down and the …