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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Do you want to learn a healthy way to lose weight? Look into the Mediterranean diet!

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional plan that is based on the traditional eating patterns of several countries in the Mediterranean region, including Greece, Crete and southern Italy. Proponents of the Mediterranean diet noted that people who live in the aforementioned areas had low rates of heart diseases compared to those living in the United States, even if they were consuming the same amount of fat. They were also found to have a longer lifespan than others who were on less healthy diets.

Looking into the diet of the people in the region, they were noted to be taking more fresh fruits and vegetables, which have antioxidant properties and contain a large amount of fiber. Another unique aspect about this diet is the use of olive oil as the primary source of fat in the diet, which can increase the levels of the good cholesterol in the body.

Red wine is also drank in moderation, which has been noted to have beneficial effects on the heart and the blood vessels. They were also taking small to moderate amounts of eggs, fish and poultry, and low amounts of red meat, which result in a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

The Med diet does not only focus on making smart choices, but also places emphasis in eating small portions of foods that are high in quality. This will allow you to feel full for a longer period of time, and will prevent you from overeating.

There are several studies that have been made on the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet. A 2008 research published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that people who were on the diet for 2 years experienced a significant amount of weight loss, similar to that produced by a low carbohydrate diet.

Another study done in the same year and published in the British Medical Journal revealed that those who were on the Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of drying from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Aside from these, the Mediterranean diet can also protect against Type 2 diabetes.

Unlike other diet plans, the Mediterranean diet does not restrict the intake of specific foods or food groups; rather, it promotes the intake of a variety of foods in moderation. This results in a well-balanced diet that is healthy and good for the body. Aside from a balanced diet, the Mediterranean diet program also emphasizes exercise as an important component in losing weight. Enjoy the good life while losing weight and living healthy!