Japanese Restaurant

Yuri Japanese Restaurant. High quality Is Our Recipe.

At SHO「匠」, our purpose is to provide the highest quality of authentic Japanese meals that aren’t found in Oregon at cheap costs in an informal, family-friendly eating ambiance. I had the grilled shrimp and fried rice, and the meal was served with this pale pink sauce concoction our chef known as yum yum sauce.” At the time, I assumed he was just being cutesy, but every Japanese Steak Home I’ve ever been to calls it the identical thing – yum yum sauce.

Our Restaurant is a favorite vacation spot point for local sushi fanciers and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine as a result of our distinctive type, fusion and custom, attentive service, a sense of cleanliness, elegant ambience, and aggressive costs in the area.

Like many Japanese dishes, two regional variations exist – Kansai fashion where the meat is first glazed in sukiyaki sauce and simmered earlier than the addition to the pot containing other ingredients, and Kanto fashion where all elements are cooked simultaneously in the pot.

Eating there’s fun for me because the meals is cheap, tasty, and constant, and once I eat there, I’m surrounded by households, college students, and associates grabbing a casual meal, which is a fun manner for me to get a slice of normal Japanese life.

Tataki: Beef Tataki is a typical Japanese preparation by which beef (or fish) is seared on the skin, left very uncommon inside, thinly sliced and served with ponzu sauce (citrusy soy sauce.) A crispy salad of radishes and carrot matchsticks and sliced onion accompanies the meat or fish.