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What Are Traditional Italian Meals Served in Restaurants?

You have probably heard of Lasagne, Contorni, and Bagna cauda. But what are they? How do you order them? Read on to find out. If you’ve never tried these dishes, you’re missing out. They’re delicious! So, what are traditional Italian meals served in restaurants? Here’s a list of some of the most popular. Then, decide which one is best for you!


Traditional Italian foods are famous to most restaurant-goers, especially in most top bay area restaurants Napa, CA. There are four courses in a traditional Italian meal: the starter, the second course, and the dessert. The main dish is the main course, but the contorni are a perfect way to break up the meal and fill up between courses. Generally, these dishes are served after the second course. Dessert can be as simple as a luscious sorbetto or as elaborate as a cake with cream and chocolate sauce.

Bagna cauda

If you love Italian cuisine, you’ll love this dish. This hearty dish is served with a variety of vegetables, both raw and cooked. The usual vegetables used in bagna cauda are red beets, boiled potatoes, and fried pumpkin. The dish is served with a delicious sauce and is perfect for a fall evening. The ideal accompaniment for this dish is a glass of wine.


Lasagne is an enduring classic of Italian cuisine. A traditional Italian meal is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Initially from Campania, the dish was created as a work of art. Cola di Petrarch, a struggling artist, made the dish to fill a box. He claimed the layers of sheet pasta depicted the final moments of Pompeii and a medically accurate representation of Mount Vesuvius. It has since become a popular dish in Italian cuisine and is now available in many cookbooks.


Risotto is one of the classic Italian meals. Rice is traditionally cooked in beef broth with chopped onions and a touch of salt. In Italian cuisine, rice is much more flavorful with a few ingredients, such as garlic and saffron. Adding a little wine to the mix will enhance the dish’s flavor. Cooked rice can be served with various meats, poultry, or fish.

Risotto alla Milanese

If you want to make risotto at home, here are a few tips. The first step is to heat the chicken broth in a medium saucepan. Make sure the liquid doesn’t boil but remains hot, and add it slowly, about 1/2 cup at a time. Cook until the rice is tender and coated with a creamy sauce, about 20 minutes. Add the saffron threads just before serving, and the risotto will be golden.


The name polpette is derived from the word for oven, which means “baked in the oven.” The Italians traditionally serve this dish with spaghetti, although it can also be prepared with meatballs. These small meatballs are easier to disperse evenly and get in every bite. Polpette is also served with meatball-topped pasta, a prevalent Italian dish.

Risotto a la Milanese

Risotto a la Milano is a rich rice dish served with vegetables, meat, or both. Most ingredients are available in larger grocery stores, though the black summer truffle, fresh seafood, and porcini mushrooms might require unique searching. You may also have to hunt for a few ingredients like saffron and Belgian endive. The broth used to make risotto is often flavored with saffron, which gives it its golden color.