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Food and Health in Depth

No matter what food you eat on a daily basis, there is something you need to know firsthand about how your body processes various foods at various levels. You may be eating too much protein every day to keep yourself healthy. The calories are getting burned with your routine exercise regimen as well. But did you know that too much protein can make your health go downhill faster than any other food combinations? Yes, this is true and you need to be aware of this fact.

When protein makes up most of your diet calories and nutrition, your body experiences damage at all levels. However, eating a balanced diet consisting of grains, vegetables and legumes will reverse this damage. A group of researchers conducted an experiment to see how protein diet and non-protein diet influenced a person’s health and well-being. It came as a surprise to them that too much protein put the body into overdrive mode. They also noted that people who ate balanced diet were able to heal faster from any illness than those who ate protein-based diet.

There is a saying in body therapy profession that the power that created the body is able to protect it in any situation. This means the power that originated when the body came into existence will not stop and leave the body but will continue to heal it throughout its lifetime. There is no doubt that everything the body does is purely logical. Whether it is healing itself from wounds or protecting against harmful viruses, the way it is treated plays a major role in its ability to survive. And food that we eat provides this ability. The kind of food will make or break the body.

To prove the above theory, many nutritional experts studied various people’s consumption habits. After months and months on this study, it became clear to them that people who ate variety of foods were healthier than those who ate only protein diet. People who did not follow the traditional pizza, pasta, bread and legumes diet faced serious health issues, even when cooking on cherry wood. Their body was slower to react to healing and more prone to injuries as well. The most startling conclusion contrary to what Americans believe is that excess protein is the primary culprit of most health woes, such as heart attack, diabetes and obesity as observed by CT scan Königs Wusterhausen.

As mentioned earlier, when the food is made up of more protein and less carbohydrates, your body is put under intense stress. So, next time, no matter how pleasant that meat stew may smell, think before eating more than a cup. The body should work overtime to adjust to the nutrition present. When these adjustments happen for years and years, the cells eventually lose their ability to function, become weak, and their resistance to diseases becomes low. In essence, the type of food you eat will make you sick if you are not paying attention. Magazines, TV and internet articles may say different things about protein based diet. They may even recommend eating only protein for the rest of your life. But scientific findings shouldn’t be neglected. The logic that the body does the right thing all the time cannot be ignored.