Home Bar


Stocking your Home Bar

When building the home of your dreams, one of the things to concentrate on is your home bar. Anyone who has a healthy appreciation of alcoholic drinks would want a well-stocked home bar, which they can use on any occasion. However, even regular drinkers sometimes fail to design and stock a good home bar in a way that would be useful and convenient. You can easily make up for this lack with the following tips.


Enjoy your alcohol

When picking alcohol for a home bar, buy stuff that you know you would enjoy. However, leave room for experimenting and trying out new cocktail recipes. Good liquors for cocktails are vodka, gin, and tequila. Other oft-used liquors include cognac, rum, Cointreau, and vermouth. You can choose from these liquors, depending on what cocktails you really enjoy. Wine and beer can also be stocked.

Learn about storage

Try and stock up on spirits that have a longer shelf life. Most alcohol can be kept for a long time, and indeed, it is one thing that gets better with age. However, opened liquor should not be kept for too long and consumed quickly. This is especially true of wines. The home bar should also be built in a place that is cool and dark, away from the sunlight.

Barware and glassware

To enjoy the experience of a good drink, you need to have the right kind of barware and glassware. There are different types of glasses for different cocktails, but you don’t have to get them all. Purchase your barware with a view to the kind of drinks you regularly consume. If you are a wine drinker, then red and white wine glasses are mandatory. For beer consumers, beer mugs and pint glasses should be there. In addition, tall glasses, martini glasses, shakers and strainers, toothpicks, bar spoons, jiggers, and napkins should be present in your bar.

Other bar essentials

While most things mentioned above can be stored in the home bar, there will be a few other things that are just as important. The most important among these is ice. Always keep ice stocked up in the fridge, especially if you drink or entertain regularly. Salt, sugar, lemon, olives, onions, Tabasco sauce, etc. are also often required in different cocktail recipes. Make sure these are stocked in the kitchen, especially before a party.

The home bar

And last, but not the least, your home bar itself should be well-built, well-enclosed, and located in a cool and dry place. To get a custom-built bar, you can consult a company like Dawnvale, which designs, builds, and installs customised home bars for its customers. Ask for a design that will complement the rest of your home decor well.

Choosing the right company to design the bar as well as choosing the right cocktail recipes, the right barware, and the right drinks will ensure that your home bar is talked about!