A brief history of the tea


No matter in which part of the world you are living in, there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea on a snowy winter afternoon, or an ice cold glass of tea covered with mint in the summer months. But when it comes to the origins of the tea, there are many other clues linked with the people’s traditions and habits that are a part of their culture and are practicing even nowadays, lined with this beautiful liquid. In this article we will explain you more over the origins of the tea, the main types used, as well as the options when it comes to serving and consuming this wonderful and fresh drink. Once you are done reading it, you will be able to prepare yourself a wonderful glass of magic, or decide which one will be the taste breaker, and the next option once you are gone shopping for home supplies. No matter which will be the chosen option, just grab a glass of tea and join this trip to the origin of the tea, and the way by which it is being used nowadays. And before we continue, in addition, by clicking here you can expand your knowledge on a larger scale, if you are willing to improve your information on those wonderful plants.

The origins of this drink

The first people who have used to drink tea were the people in Asia, and with that, we can firmly claim that the origins of this drink are coming from Asia, or moreover, China, thousands of years ago, and after that, it was being used all over the world. After a while, the tea has reached in Europe in 1610s, and it was being transported with the ships into the ownership of a company from Netherlands. After a while, until the end of the 18th century, the tea has been transported wildly over the world, and everyone was able to drink a cup of tea from a varieties of plants used into the nature. The tea is a mix of many ingredients, usually plants, and they are being used for many things, and some of them, are even herbs which are being used as a medicine, besides the regular ones which are being used because of their wonderful taste. The main ingredient, which are the small leaves inside it, coming from the plant camellia sinensis, are the leaves coming from the same ever green tree. The younger the tree is, the more beautiful the tea is in the end, and with that, the tea is becoming more expensive due to the fact that its quality is being increased. Its leaves are green and without a smell, while the flowers are green, big, and they are in pursuit of a wonderful smell. And if you want to know more over this wonderful plant, you can read more by clicking on the following link https://www.thespruceeats.com/camellia-sinensis-definition-765682.

The main distinction

There are two large groups of tea, such as the tea which is the main English tea that is already very famous all around the world. It is being made from the previously mentioned tree, referred as tea as well, and the second group is the tea named as an herbal tea, made out of a varieties of different plants. Its usage is mainly in order to help to the people cope with some smaller medical issues, and due to the fact that it is being made by carefully collected plants from the nature, its effects can have a varieties of good sides, but also, bad ones if the plant isn’t mixed by the people that are professionals when it comes to the plants that should be used.

The basic types

The main types of real teas are the black tea which is completely fermented and oxalated and with that it is being able to keep its dark color, and mainly it is being consumed in England and the USA. On the other hand, the green tea isn’t a loose leaf tea, and it has a strong green color, and it is being consumed in Asia mainly, but in the western countries as well. It has a wonderful taste and it is very healthy, which is why a cup of this type of tea is recommended as an everyday intake for each person. But both of those teas are being made with the procedure of waiting for the plant to dry, and after that, sorting the right amount with the best mixture inserted in, and the procedure of drying the leaves is more complex than you think it is. But besides the great palette filled with different vitamins which are beneficial for the people’s health, there is a good amount of caffeine inside the tea, which is increasing the people’s focus and concentration, and can be a great replacement for coffee.