Tips on Eating Delicious and Healthy Food while Dining Out

People love to eat in restaurants. According to the NRA or the National Restaurant Association, Americans spends 24% of their meals away from home, either eating out at fancy restaurants or fast food chains. Restaurant food is meant to smell, taste and look good.4

It means that there is a small room for nutrition since most menus features dishes that are drenched in rich sauces or butter, salads with creamy dressings and whole grains vegetables and fruits. You need to try some of these strategies to enjoy restaurant meals while still sticking to healthy eating plans. If you want to know more about eating healthy food while you are dieting, you can check out restaurants like Chipotle, Souplantation or The Cheesecake Factory

 Investigate what you are eating

These days, healthy foods are almost everywhere. Even junk foods marketed as a healthier alternative is not new. The trick is to know what you are eating before you enter the restaurant’s premises and get enticed by their menu. A lot of the restaurant’s menu is available online and that means the nutritional value is also available for people to check. You will be able to choose what restaurant to go to and your healthiest options. It also means that you can go into restaurants ready to order their best meals and ask for any substitution when necessary.

Before going into any restaurant, make a plan

If you are a heavy eater, before heading out you can eat lightly. If you know ahead of time that you are going out for dinner, have lighter meals before heading out. You need to commit to eating light and slow. It takes 10 to 20 minutes for the impulse from your stomach to reach your brain and tell them that you are no longer hungry. People, who eat fast, sometimes overeat; while people who eat slowly tend to eat much less and still satisfy their hunger.

Make sure that you do physical activities before or after your meal

All you need is a good and comfortable pair of trainers. You have to pick a restaurant that is near your place enough for a 10 to 15-minute walk. You will get your hearty meal as well as your 30-minute exercise. Not only that, you will save money on parking space and avoid parking hassles. You can also do a brisk walk with your friends after the meal to give you time to chat while giving your body time to digest the food you just ate.

Do not split your plate

You have probably read about asking for a half portion or sharing a meal with someone. But looking at how restaurants put a lot in every portion of their meal, half a portion may still be too much. You need to practice visualizing the food you are ordering and compare it with what you are eating at home.

You need to be more deliberate when you are ordering your meal

You need to balance what you are eating. Include a healthier selection of different food groups like low-fat dairy, vegetables, fruits, whole grain and lean protein foods. Look for freshly made salads for an entrée. If you are eating too many fatty foods, it will balance everything.

For example, if the entree is a salad with grilled or baked chicken, seafood or beans and provide the protein with fibers and other nutrients. You can ask your dressings to be put on the side instead of smothering it in your food. That way, you can control how much dressings you are getting. For your sandwich toppings, choose vegetable options that include tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado.

If you want to use condiments, go with mustard, salsa, relish or ketchup. Finish your meal by ordering healthy options of side dishes like a side salad, fruits or baked potatoes. Boost your food intake’s nutritional value by topping them with nutritious foods like vegetables, chili or salsa. To know about the nutritional values of common products and foods, visit

If you like dining out, do not think you have to remove all the food you enjoy eating because they are not nutritious and healthy. You can eat delicious food with compromising your health. Order food that’s as delicious and nutritious as the ones your mom prepares for you at home. You don’t need to eat healthy, but bland food. Be creative and try to mix it up. Delicious food are everywhere, but finding a delicious and nutritious meal is very challenging, especially in today’s world where life needs to be fast and moving continuously.