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Using the Elliptical as a High Impact Workout Machine

A lot of people are obsessed with losing weight, and keeping it off. When people think about weight loss on a large scale, what comes to mind is either various diets or aggressive workout routines. Many think of joining gyms and weight loss clubs to help them get and stay motivated. However, a lot of people don’t have the time to devote to joining such clubs or gyms. They are looking for something that will be more convenient around their busy schedules. Welcome to the world of the elliptical machine.

The elliptical machine is a great way for a person to train at home, and at his or her own pace. There are many varieties of exercise equipment that can be chosen for workouts, but the elliptical has been shown to give a person an all around thorough workout, if properly used. Although many may think of the elliptical as a warming up machine, it can actually be used for high performance workout routines. The best results can be gained by using the elliptical in a routine called the interval workout.

Interval workouts work because they allow the person involved in the training to push himself or herself at a fast pace, then a slow pace, a fast pace again, and finally a rest period. These are not all done at one time, but with a break just long enough to ensure the heart rate is still pumping with intensity. This works for the person who has a limited amount of time to perform a workout. Yet, it has been shown to have just as much effectiveness as in a more traditional workout routine.

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