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Is Moving to an Assisted Living a Great Idea? 2 Reasons You Should Consider

According to Shout Out UK, nearly half of seniors above 65 years require help with assisted living activities. As you age, you may need help with chores such as washing, meal preparation, medication, and mobility. This is where St Petersburg assisted living can help. The staff in the facility can give you the care and attention you need.

Assisted living can also enhance your quality of life in the following ways:

Ensure You Get the Right Nutrition

Nutrition entails eating balanced and healthy food to give your body the required nutrients. Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but seniors may require a special diet to stay healthy. To be precise, you need to eat food with high nutrients and fewer calories. Sadly, it might be hard for you to take enough nutrients due to the following:

  • Having trouble moving around to get groceries
  • Health issues that can make it hard for you to eat or cook
  • Medicines that can alter the taste of food
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell

When you move to assisted living, you will never have to worry about preparing food. The caregivers will prepare quality food, feed you if you cannot, and ensure you take your medication.

You Enjoy Social Interaction

Seniors who live in their homes experience loneliness. A prolonged lack of interaction can affect their health tremendously. A study by the University of California shows that loneliness is a major cause of health problems and death among seniors. Assisted living facilities offer residents an opportunity to socialize with others. In addition, you engage in fun activities such as jogging, walking, and talking.

Final Word

Great assisted living facilities offer holistic assistance to seniors to ensure they live quality lives and are happy. So if you are wondering if moving to assisted living is a good idea, you now know. Visit a St Petersburg assisted living facility today to live an enjoyable life in your sunset years.