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5 Iconic Foods Not To Miss in New York City

New York City is one of the world’s great cities, and any New Yorker will tell you it is the best. It is chocked full of culture, historical sites, shopping, and beautiful architecture, but its most desirable quality for many people is the fantastic food. Here is a shortlist of iconic New York foods you must try on your next visit.

1. Pizza

The best slice in New York City is a local topic of furious debate.  No trip to the Big Apple is complete without trying New York pizza New York NY. A nice thin-crust Margherita slice that you lovingly fold in half and savor with your eyes closed will ruin pizza everywhere else forever. You’re welcome.

2. Bagels

Another New York staple is the classic New York bagel. You can get great bagels in other places, but there is something special about the ones in Manhattan. Top yours with whatever you like, but the classic bagel with lox, cream cheese, and scallions is truly a work of art.

3. Pastrami Sandwich

There are amazing Italian delis all over New York that offer a wide variety of cured meats and pickles and cheeses, but you only want one thing. You must try the pastrami and corned beef sandwich. Tender sliced meat piled so high your mouth probably can’t fit around it — “delicious” is an understatement.

4. Food Trucks

New York is home to some of the greatest food trucks running on four wheels or more. The sheer variety of cuisines to be found is astonishing, especially in the great cultural melting pot that is Queens. From tacos to tabbouleh and everything in between, these trucks have tasty eats for every appetite.

5. Cheesecake

Finally, there is the New York cheesecake. You’ve had imitations, and maybe your grandma’s is exceptional, but nothing beats the real thing. Sweet fluffy heaven is what this is.

On your next trip to the City That Never Sleeps, don’t miss these classics that are often imitated but never replicated. Sometimes you just have to go to the source to try the absolute best.…

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Food Options For University Students

As you prepare to go to college, you may be wondering what to expect. You may not know what the workload, housing or schooling will look like. Meals and snacks on campus are easy to find. On any campus, here are three likely options for your food selection.

1. Go to the Cafeteria on Campus

Most universities provide their own food. The cafeteria offers a variety of foods and they often change from day to day. The food is either made in the building with the help of a ribbon mixer or blender, or certain foods are transported directly from other sources. Often, these cafeterias are buffet style open to all students who pay a small fee for the meal. If you’re feeling extra hungry, this is a great place to gather with friends.

2. Bring Food From Home

If you are going to be on campus all day, bring up a packed lunch. There are many stores available in your college town. Be sure to find easily packable foods such as sandwiches, fruits and granola bars. You can also bring water with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Some areas on campus may have access to a microwave if you need to reheat leftovers.

3. Get Fast Food

If you’re running late to class but need some nourishment, consider buying fast food. Takeout can be an easy solution when you need it fast. Many universities offer fast food on campus, making it even easier to pick up some lunch before class. If you’re not at school, you can choose from a variety of restaurants downtown to supply your needs.

As you pick meals, don’t forget to eat food that will nourish your body. As a hardworking student, you need all the energy you can get. Choose fruits and vegetables over sweets and hydrate throughout the day.…

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Fresh Ingredients on the Menu

Finding fresh food options in restaurants is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Frequently, people are asking more questions about how their food is sourced. They are also exploring local food options. When it comes to eating out, patrons want choices with fresh ingredients on the menu, whether it’s dine-in or fast food. Many food-news bloggers state that people are concerned with the quality of their food, the taste and the overall health benefits.

Delicious Taste

Consumer tastes are changing. One of the biggest drivers of healthy eating is the delicious taste of natural foods. With food cooperatives, health-focused grocery stores and farmers’ markets growing in popularity, people of all ages are finding that healthy food can also mean a world of delicious flavors. Restaurants are also reflecting this change by serving many delectable foods, like those served with fresh ingredients you can find at a local diner Kingsport.

Heath and Food Transparency

Two other important factors that lead the way in recent eating trends are health and food transparency. With the costs of healthcare rising, people are looking to maintain their physical well-being through a better diet. This is evident as food choices are creating change all throughout the grocery and restaurant industries. The factor behind this is food transparency. When eating at a fresh-food restaurant, people see how food is prepared and taste the quality. They understand the direct benefits between knowing the ingredients in their foods and seeing the healthful outcomes of their choices.

All recent studies suggest healthy eating is here to stay. People love the experience of going to a restaurant and dining on great food made with quality items. They feel better knowing what’s in their food and how it is prepared. The direct health benefits of eating well will continue to drive this growing trend.…

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How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

As most restaurant owners know, the restaurant business is incredibly competitive, especially in large cities. Since there is so much competition, you will need to distinguish yourself from your competition in order to attract business. Read on for some steps you can take to set your restaurant apart.

Don’t Neglect Small Details

Customers notice more than may think. Even a detail as small as your water glasses or restaurant napkins Kinston NC can make a difference, and they should be of high quality in order to make sure that you are providing an optimal dining experience. For a unique touch that will make people remember you, consider personalizing your glasses or napkins.

Consider Curb Appeal

While websites like Yelp have changed the way that customers find new restaurants, people do still sometimes decide to try a place because they happen to be walking by. In order to make your restaurant appealing from the outside as well as the inside, you can choose a bold paint color for your door, put up eye catching window decor or write an especially clever message on an outside sign.

Participate in Community Events

If you provide food for a local festival or charity event, you will get positive attention from potential customers in your neighborhood. A personal connection goes a long way in business. To increase the chances of attracting new customers, consider passing out coupons while you staff the event.

While it is not easy to succeed in the restaurant business, there are many ways for restaurant owners to be creative in getting customers through the door. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and one especially satisfied customer could end up attracting many more. Don’t be afraid to take a chance or think outside the box in order to make a name for your business.…

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The Four Most Popular Types of Steak

Whether you prefer choice, prime, top, wagyu beef Oklahoma city or anything in between,  most steak lovers agree that all types are delicious. What you prefer is generally a matter of personal taste. That said, some cuts rise to the top. Here are four of the most popular types of steak in America.


Let’s start with the favorite of many steak aficionados: The Ribeye. It gets its name from being cut from the primal rib. Its primary feature is its marbled fat which provides both tenderness and flavor. Because of its source, it can be cut to a very large size and can even be served bone-in for extra moisture and flavor.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon comes from the tenderloin and is usually served in smaller cuts of six to eight ounces. Like the ribeye, it is extremely tender, but it is not fatty. While this results in some loss of flavor, it also makes it very easy to cut and chew.


Sirloin is popular for its value and the fact that it retains flavor and fat, despite being cut from the rear loin, which is a more muscular area. This means that it is not as tender as ribeye or filet mignon, but the muscle and fat combine for a great flavor at a very affordable cost.


Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may see New York Strip steak or Kansas City Strip steak, or both. Strip steaks come from the short loin and contain a good deal of tasty marbling. This makes them a great, tasty value between the ribeye and sirloin. Strips are generally thicker and more tender than ribeye as well.

Of course, your palate and your taste will let you decide your favorite steak. This guide can help you understand why you like the cut you prefer and may point you to something new to try!…

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Three Great Hostess Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to stay with friends as a houseguest, you should show your appreciation by bringing a thoughtful gift. It is not always easy to choose the perfect present, but the suggestions below should be a helpful guide as you make your decision.

Bottle of Wine

Assuming that your hosts aren’t teetotalers, a nice bottle of wine is a classic gift that is sure to be appreciated. Whether you choose red, white, rose or sparkling, you can’t go wrong! Visit a local liquor store to pick one out, or save time by having an online retailer deliver icon and collectible wines Toronto ON to your door.

Indoor S’mores Maker

You don’t need to go camping to enjoy delicious graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows! This gift earns points for creativity and will make the end of dinner much more fun, especially if your hosts have children. In addition to the s’mores maker itself, make sure that you bring all of the ingredients, including Sterno for the flame.


A low-maintenance plant, such as a fern or snake plant, in a cute pot brightens any home without demanding too much maintenance. Having plants in the home has been shown to provide numerous benefits, including improved air quality and elevated mood. If you suspect that your hosts won’t want to take care of even the most low-maintenance plant, bring a vase of cut flowers instead.

One of the cardinal rules of being a gracious guest is to never show up empty-handed. When you present your hosts with one of these thoughtful gifts, you will effectively convey your appreciation for their hospitality. Once your visit is over and you are back home, it is a good idea to send a thank-you note as well. Enjoy your visit!…

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Grocery Hacks to Save You Money

We’ve all been there. It’s like a gravitational pull to the hot food display equipment when you enter a grocery store, powered by the delicious smells of soups, meats, and seasoned vegetables. You might blow half your budget on these per pound bars just because your mouth is watering. There is a way, however, to keep the prepared foods from breaking the bank. To save money in the store you have to be willing to plan your trips and strategize.

Plan your shopping

Everyone has items that tempt them in a store, whether it’s chips or sweets that one weakness can be the start of a dangerous spiral into expensive junk food. If you’re particularly tempted by the bakery, for example, avoid that area of the store. Draw out a diagram of your regular grocery store and find a way to plot your path without having to walk past the department or aisle with the items you don’t need or can’t afford. Even if it means walking through and extra two aisles or taking the long way to the meat department, it can ultimately save you tons of money to remove temptation from the equation.

Strategize your spending

Have you ever compared pricing on prepared food versus the whole, raw version? For example, how many packs of chicken breast would cost the same amount as buying a whole chicken? Especially when it comes to produce, purchasing the whole item as opposed to pre-cubed, sliced, or shredded, versions can save you tons at check out. Likewise, if you buy a whole chicken instead of a pack of breasts and a pack of thighs, you’ll probably spend the amount but have twice the meat! If you’re willing to put in a little extra prep work, you can put more goodies in your basket.…