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3 Steps To Your Dream Family Reunion

Family reunions are a good way to reconnect with relatives while making fun new memories. Whether you invite only your immediate family or several generations of extended relations, you will want to follow the steps of brainstorming, delegating and relaxing to pull off your dream event.

Brainstorm With Your Guest List

Sending out a call for ideas is the first step when planning a family reunion because the responses can help you put together a list of interested relatives, good dates for the event and suggestions for locations. You can even brainstorm ideas for things to do and find some unique ones such as chartering a Galveston Island bus service to tour family history sites or to shuttle everyone between activities.

Delegate Tasks to Family Members

Once you have a basic theme and schedule figured out, you can turn blocks of time or responsibilities over to your helpers and reduce the number of details you need to track. For instance, your activities director can make a photobooth while your food director coordinates a potluck with the budget assigned to them by the financial director, leaving you more time to find mementos to display.

Relax With Your Family

It is important to remember that you wanted to have a reunion for a reason. If you would like to reconnect with distant relatives, for instance, then you need to take the time to relax and visit during the event. Even if everyone else has fun and there are no problems during the reunion, it can feel unsuccessful if you were running from one activity to another and doing last-minute tasks instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Planning a family reunion is easier when you bring others into the process. Your family can suggest fun activities and locations, coordinate with the venue and caterer, or keep track of the budget so you do not have to do everything by yourself. It is important to remember to relax and have fun with your family during the event, so you can enjoy the company instead of stressing over the details.