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Improve Your Venue with a Stunning Commercial Bar

We inject all our work with equal measures of style and substance here at Dawnvale. When designing and building a commercial bar, it’s important to combine functionality with aesthetics. You can view our work in restaurants all over the country, including TGI Fridays and The Alchemist. We strive to deliver designs that promote efficiency while driving profit, using cutting-edge engineering to craft the perfect workspace for your business.

Ask yourself, what should a great commercial bar do? Besides serving drinks, that is! For us, it’s all about optimizing your operational flow, accelerating your service and providing your staff with the tools they need for their jobs. Imagine trying to perform surgery without a scalpel. You wouldn’t get very far. The same goes for any business, especially those in the hospitality industry. Without an optimal bar for your venue, you can’t deliver the best service, which ultimately affects your profits. We specialize in building world-class commercial bars, so leave it to us. We’ll manage the project from start to finish which means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Visit to learn more about our work.

Commercial Bar Design Ideas

Brand recognition plays a vital role in all commercial businesses, and the best brands should convey quality. We’ve built bespoke bars for the UK’s biggest restaurant chains, all designed with speed and style in mind. Here are just a few of the bar design services we offer.

  • Bar Design + Build. Everything from the bar stools to the foot rails we can deliver. There’s no need for you to lift a finger once we understand your requirements. From then on you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish. Leave it to us or guide our hands. Either way, you’ll have a first-class commercial bar at the end of the project. We’ll even handle all the accessories, like refrigeration, glass racks, and glass washers. No bar is complete without these essential items. With our help, your bar will have everything you need to impress guests and boost profits.
  • Bespoke Bar Tops. The bar is the focal point of any restaurant, which means it should always look stunning. We can deliver a range of bar top styles, including zinc, pewter, copper, marble, and granite. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, something to make your venue stand out from the competition, then Dawnvale is the company for you. We are at your disposal and, should you need it, we can design custom-tailored bar tops to suit your style.
  • Cocktail Stations. Whether part of the main bar or a separate area altogether, never underestimate the value of a great cocktail station. Great for large party-hosting venues, cocktail stations help prevent a crowded bar by divvying up your customers. It’s also a sophisticated and functional addition to your venue. No matter the shape, size, or material, we can make your vision a reality.
  • Bar Lighting. Restaurants and similar venues are places of relaxation. Creating a certain mood and ambiance is essential to the success of your business. Guests should be able to unwind in your establishment and lighting goes a long way to helping achieve this. It’s hard for guests to relax under glaring bright lights after all. Similarly, the right backlighting can enhance your bar display, encouraging customers to let loose.