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Internet of Things: Discovering Recent Advancements in the World of Technology

Are you aware that smart devices have moved beyond your smart phone? Modern kitchens have gone up the standards and are now full of smart appliances hence smart kitchens. They have smart fridges with giant touchscreens that display your calendar, allow you to play music and even order groceries when you’re running low. Embedded with cameras, they can take images of the food in stock and allow you to access the feed from your smartphone. You can then easily check whether you need to pick up something from the grocery store on your way home.

Technology has brought about various disruptive technologies that transform the way we do work and live. One such technology is an emerging technology – the Internet of Things (IoT). If you don’t know the definition, Internet of Things is an advancement that aims to interconnect both computing and non-computing objects together, including cups and plates via the Internet, allowing them to send and receive data. Picture it this way: your alarm waking you up and sending a signal to your coffee maker to start brewing coffee. Long live smart devices!

The First Smart Coffee Mug

Maybe you didn’t believe when I mentioned that a cup could be smart. Designed and developed for use today, smart mugs provide you with the pleasure to enjoy your tea, coffee or any other desired beverage at a temperature of your choice. The mugs have the technology to make your drink remain at your preferred temperature for about four hours or even all day if connected to a charger.

Other features include 12 fluid ounces, sleek design with a comfortable grip, temperature controlled, leak-proof, Bluetooth enabled to connect to Android and iOS, works with any beverage, and slim and compacted charging adapter so you can drink your beverage while at the same time charging the mug. Use this link to find further information on the smart mug technology.

What a perfect solution for people who make a nice cup of coffee only to forget about it, and by the time they remember, it’s already cold. People who travel a lot and would love to enjoy a cup of coffee on the commute will also adore this mug.

IoT Technology and Mobile Applications Development

The world of technology is fast advancing. Smart mugs are part of the development that is facilitating the Internet of Things technology by designing and developing technology dependent kitchen devices. This coffee mug can be controlled manually by rotating a control gadget on the bottom of the cup, or with a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Technology has also provided us with mobile apps. Gone are the days when accessing software applications meant that you had to be in the office premises, or even at home. Armed with your smart phone or any other mobile smart device, you get progressively connect to other devices and objects both at home and in the office through mobile apps. You can, therefore, access data and information, work, and manage stuff remotely without geographical limitations. Technology will continually provide us with advanced smart gadgets and only time will tell the direction of this coasting.