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Producing the Best Milkshakes for Your Restaurant

There is nothing as sweet and cooling as a cold milkshake in a hot summer afternoon. Milkshakes are great refreshment and many people go to a restaurant just for a delicious glass of milkshake. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or you want to introduce milkshake in your restaurant, then you should look for a milkshake machine that will not leave you disappointed. Below are a few guidelines for you if you want to get hold of a reliable milkshake machines seattle wa.

Know Your Preference

Many people use a milkshake blender to make their milkshake. This may however not work out well for commercial use. Normally a machine is quicker, efficient and the end result is a frothier, thicker and colder milkshake. Deciding which milkshake machine you would want to purchase will be good to begin with.

Look into Specifications

There are so many brands of milkshake machines around. Do your research and find that one that best meets your restaurant needs. Its efficiency, capability to produce the amount and recipes you require, the strength of its motor, its maintenance, durability and so on.

Observe Proper Maintenance

After all is said and done, the truth is a milkshake machine is just as good as how well it is maintained. Teach your employees on how to properly use and clean it. Resist from using ingredients that for instance are too large and might end up blocking the machine. Above all, make sure that you call a contractor once in a while to service the machine.

How to Make Creamier and Thicker Milkshakes in Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, what you give to your clients will determine whether they will come back or not. Your first trials might fail but do not make that a lawn chair to sit on. Try again and if you follow the guidelines below, you will get the desired results.

Make the Ice-Cream Soft

Before using your ice cream, make sure it is soft. This especially applies if in your ice-cream is deep frozen. The result of deep freezing will be a rock hard cream that will also be difficult to scoop and will not make the shake creamy. Take it out from the freezer sometimes before you start using it for it to soften.

Do Not Use Too Much Milk

Maybe you are following a certain recipe and you keep wondering why the end result is too thin. Well, the answer might be in the milk. Avoid putting in too much milk if you want your milkshake to be thick.

Do Not Put Ice in the Milkshake

Adding ice on the actual milkshake is the greatest culprit of thin milkshake. Though ideally your reason is to make the milkshake chilly and maybe thick, the cubes will eventually melt leaving your client with a cold but very thin milkshake. Though some milkshake machines require that one adds ice just around the shake receptacle, adding them to the milkshake gives a whole different result.