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Qualities to Look For In An Ice Refrigerated Seafood Merchandisers

Commercial refrigerated merchandising units, also known as merchandisers, can be found in almost any food service operation. They are intended to openly display prepackaged seafood or beverages through a glass door or an open front, allowing customers to reach in and take what they desire without bothering the wait staff or cashier. When shopping for an ice-refrigerated seafood merchandiser, you want to find a durable and attractive unit. Look for features like a removable stainless steel interior wall and water defrost system. This will help ensure your product stays fresh for longer.

Product Integrity

The integrity of ice refrigerated seafood merchandiser is crucial to ensure the safety of your seafood product. However, there are some food safety issues when handling fresh seafood, including cross-contamination. This is why it is important to thoroughly wash your hands after touching seafood products.

Integrity isn’t just about product safety, though. It involves the integrity of the entire operation. To meet customer expectations and win business, seafood retailers must maintain a high level of integrity across the board.

Water Defrost System

Water defrost systems are a key part of display cabinets. They allow the refrigeration to be switched off for a short period, preventing seafood from spoiling. These systems also allow for a high level of stackability, with seafood stacked as high as 200mm above the display tray.

Water defrost systems can either be manual or automatic. The former requires additional valves and directs melted frost to the ground, while the latter has a built-in heating element. Water defrost systems are best used in industrial refrigerators. First, they use hot water to melt the accumulated ice. Then, the water, plus the melted ice, flows into a drain pan.

Removable Stainless Steel Interior Walls

Removable stainless steel interior walls in ice-refrigerated seafood merchandiser models are an attractive option for merchandising seafood. They provide easy access to products, can be cleaned easily, and help to keep products at the proper temperature.

Stainless Steel Drip Trays

If you run a seafood restaurant or seafood bar, you probably need stainless steel drip trays. This simple accessory will help you avoid water spills and mess. There are many different designs available to suit every need. The most basic drip pan is made from stainless steel and is easy to use. However, if you want a more elaborate setup, you can order a custom drip tray from various companies.

These display cases preserve seafood products by maintaining optimum humidity and temperature levels. They also provide an attractive product showcase area. Stainless steel is a durable material that resists heavy traffic. In addition, most models feature gravity coils to keep products from drying out. 

Creativity In Merchandising

Creativity can help retailers meet customer expectations when it comes to ice-refrigerated seafood. Proper positioning and in-store promotions can help keep the product in high demand and drive higher sales. However, many factors can affect the effectiveness of merchandising, so creative and strategic thinking is essential for any retailer to succeed.

For example, store owners want to feature great fresh seafood products on the shelf. But consumers want variety, not just a limited number of items. The result is that many high-value seafood products end up unused and in the trash.