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The Best Ways You Can Use Sun-Dried or Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Your Restaurant

Sun-dried tomatoes and semi-dried tomatoes are definitely rich in flavour and taste and have proven to be a great addition to many dishes. But if you think that sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes are only good for pastas and pizzas, think again. There are a host of other uses for these versatile ingredients, which, flavour-wise, are much better and pack more punch than fresh tomatoes. Since sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes have a more concentrated taste, they are more versatile. Are you wondering how you can utilise both semi-dried and sun-dried tomatoes in your restaurant? Here are the best ways you can use both.

In pastas and bread

You may already be using sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes in pasta dishes, but if you haven’t tried these ingredients with a pesto sauce, your diners are missing out. The flavour of a regular pesto pasta dish can be truly enhanced when you add a few sun-dried tomatoes or semi-dried tomatoes to the dish. Simply toss the ingredients together and serve, and you’ll see the wondrous smiles on the faces of your diners. Another option would be to come up with a lasagna dish that also makes use of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes. If you want, you can even create your very own vegetarian lasagna with just sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes, courgettes, and macadamia cheese.

Sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes can also be used in bread – just add chopped tomatoes and a hearty sprinkling of parmesan as well.

In salads

Salads are levelled up with the addition of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes, whether you serve them with some grilled veggies such as courgettes or asparagus or tossed right in a salad. The tomatoes can be chopped and sprinkled over the top, and the ingredient can give your dishes a flavourful and tasty boost as well as make your dishes a lot healthier.

In broths

Sun-dried and semi dried tomatoes are not just limited to salads and pastas, as mentioned. They can also be used in broths, especially vegetable broths. If you want your vegetable broth to be packed with some extra flavour and tang, simply add a few of the tomatoes in the pot along with your other vegetable ingredients.

In appetizers

You can be extra creative and come up with your own stunning appetizers using semi-dried or sun-dried tomatoes. If you’re tired of offering the same old boring appetizers to your diners, why not give them something new with a sun-dried tomato or semi-dried tomato appetizer? One particular dish, for example, combines aubergines or eggplants with capers, herbs, and cheese into a paste, and this is then stuffed into two halves of sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes. Bon appétit!

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