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Which Type Of BBQ Grill Would Suit Your Needs Best?

Spring is right here and this is that time of the year when you cannot go beyond an amazing gastronomic journey. It’s high time for backyard parties and bbq gatherings, season full of culinary experiments and delectable grilled foods! Talking about bbq grill, if you find that your existing unit need a replacement, or if you consider a complete or partial upgrade the thing that you already have, then it is high time that you have a look at the different types of products available, and  decide on the best type that works for you.

Gas Grills

Perhaps, they are among the one of the most used and popular varieties of bbq grill. Most of these units are run by propane. However, you can easily convert it to natural gas. Gas grills are just the thing for you to tend the impatient chef in you who does not love spending time to fire up grill. Also, you can cook the meal without the boredom of preparation and cleaning up of charcoal.

Charcoal Grills

The quintessential bbq grill is right here and it is, by all means, the better-than-the-best thing for the purist in culinary skills! Get good quality charcoal briquettes to fire power and fuel the cooking. Now let us face it! Cooking will charcoal can be tad expensive and time-taking. But that should not be your excuse to let go of that very rustic, Smokey, grilled flavor of meat and fish. Plus, how can you supersede that distinct romance that goes hand in hand with a charcoal grill? In fact, charcoal traditionalists are so passionate about their grills that they neither tend to part with them, nor give its gas counterparts a try. You also have another solid reason to say “yes” to them over anything else! First of all, charcoals tend to get more heated than what its gas-driven counterparts eventually would; and heat is just the thing that you require to keep your lamb chops and steaks crispy outside, and red/pink on the interior. Moreover, even before completely lit, charcoals start emitting heavy amount of smoke flavor. The longer it cooks, the more it impacts your food. And the smoke flavor is finger licking and so nice! Right?

Electric Grills

As the name suggests, they are fuelled by electricity and cook your food with grill plates, which are heated really fast. And hence they require no fire; there will be no messy after-cleaning headache for you! Also, you will find separate units for indoor and outdoor usage; so no matter the purpose, you find something that suits all condition!

Portable Grills

Finally, portable grills that that type of BBQ grills that run either on charcoal or propane. But quite complying with its name, you can take these tiny things just about anywhere. So when you are out for a beach or tailgate party, then this is the right thing for you.  This is also ideal for the urban populace where the local fire rules and regulations prohibit usage of charcoal or gas fuelled units.

No matter the type of grill you choose, just make sure that you at least have one!