Month: July 2018

General Articles

Buying Equipment for Your Restaurant

If you are planning on opening a new restaurant, there are many things you need to take into consideration. First you need to decide on the type of food you will be featuring. Once you’ve done this, you will need to find a great location for it. Finding a location can be done a few ways. You could take over an already established business and make changes to it that you want. Renting or purchasing a building is another option, but, you will need to furnish it completely. Building something that you can make your own is another way to get your business up and running. This will take time and quite a lot of money to do, however. When you have completed these things, the next thing you will need to focus on is the equipment you will need for your kitchen.

Buying New or Used Equipment

When choosing the type of equipment, you will need, you may decide that you can purchase some of it used. If this is what you have chosen to do, there are many ways to find dealers who work with this equipment. The dealers buy equipment from restaurants that are closed or going out of business at a very low price. They will clean it up, make sure it is working properly and then resell it for a small markup. You can buy much of what you need for your restaurant at any of these dealers and save a lot of money. It is recommended that certain items only be purchased new and buying them used could be risking your investment.

Check the Equipment You Buy

If you have purchased pre-owned espresso machines from a dealer or in a private sale, you will want to check that it works immediately. Look it over very well and have it go through the brewing process to ensure that it is working correctly. This should be done with any type of equipment you buy. Most dealers will not guarantee their items and you should check with them before purchasing about their return policy. You are taking a chance by buying used, but, the savings will be tremendous. New restaurant equipment is very expensive. Ask you dealer if he will buy back any equipment you have that you can no longer use also. He may also trade pieces with you.

All the equipment you have in your restaurant should be checked regularly to make sure it is working properly. That goes for new and used equipment since they are worked very hard. If you find that there are problems with new machines, you should contact the manufacturer to have repairs made. For used equipment, there are shops that will come to your place and work on any machines you have that need work done. The equipment you have in your restaurant should last quite a number of years if they are maintained properly and you could hire a company to do regular maintenance on them.

General Articles

Gifts for Those With a Sweet Tooth

You do not have to stress yourself out to find the right gift for your loved one. All you have to do is think about their interests. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, then you can look into gifts ranging from candy to baking sets. Your loved one is sure to enjoy baking their own goods or unwrapping their favorite candy bar.

Baking Sets

One idea is to look into baking sets for your friend. You may be looking for a set that includes a cookie or brownie mix, or maybe you want to surprise them with their own bakeware. You can also fill a mason jar with the ingredients for a cookie recipe, which is a fun way to surprise them with a homemade gift.

Baked Goods

Does your friend love to receive homemade gifts? Bake them a plate of their favorite cookies, cupcakes or brownies. It never hurts to bake them a cake for their birthday. If you are planning to fill a mason jar with a cookie recipe, you can always pair it with a plate of cookies using the same recipe. This gives them an idea of what they can expect when they bake the cookies.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is perfect when you do not have time to mix ingredients, and you can choose from a variety of candy gift baskets. A Reese’s gift basket includes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Fastbreak. A basket of M&Ms candy includes Plain, Peanut and Almond M&Ms in various sizes. There are even gift baskets with an assortment of candy, such as Butterfinger, Snickers and Skittles.

Chocolate Tasting Tour

If your friend loves to go on outings, surprise them with a chocolate tasting tour. They can learn the process of making chocolate, visit different chocolatiers in the neighborhood and sample delicious flavors. A chocolate tasting tour is a fun way to celebrate that special occasion together.

Whether you are baking a plate of cookies or ordering a candy gift basket, your loved one is sure to appreciate their sweet gift.