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5 Iconic Foods Not To Miss in New York City

New York City is one of the world’s great cities, and any New Yorker will tell you it is the best. It is chocked full of culture, historical sites, shopping, and beautiful architecture, but its most desirable quality for many people is the fantastic food. Here is a shortlist of iconic New York foods you must try on your next visit.

1. Pizza

The best slice in New York City is a local topic of furious debate.  No trip to the Big Apple is complete without trying New York pizza New York NY. A nice thin-crust Margherita slice that you lovingly fold in half and savor with your eyes closed will ruin pizza everywhere else forever. You’re welcome.

2. Bagels

Another New York staple is the classic New York bagel. You can get great bagels in other places, but there is something special about the ones in Manhattan. Top yours with whatever you like, but the classic bagel with lox, cream cheese, and scallions is truly a work of art.

3. Pastrami Sandwich

There are amazing Italian delis all over New York that offer a wide variety of cured meats and pickles and cheeses, but you only want one thing. You must try the pastrami and corned beef sandwich. Tender sliced meat piled so high your mouth probably can’t fit around it — “delicious” is an understatement.

4. Food Trucks

New York is home to some of the greatest food trucks running on four wheels or more. The sheer variety of cuisines to be found is astonishing, especially in the great cultural melting pot that is Queens. From tacos to tabbouleh and everything in between, these trucks have tasty eats for every appetite.

5. Cheesecake

Finally, there is the New York cheesecake. You’ve had imitations, and maybe your grandma’s is exceptional, but nothing beats the real thing. Sweet fluffy heaven is what this is.

On your next trip to the City That Never Sleeps, don’t miss these classics that are often imitated but never replicated. Sometimes you just have to go to the source to try the absolute best.