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Eat More Fruits – How Increasing Your Fruit Intake Will Benefit Your Health

Eat More Fruits – How Increasing Your Fruit Intake Will Benefit Your Health

Why should you eat vegetables and fruits? Have you ever stuck your tongue out even at the thought of having to eat vegetables? Well you should change that attitude. Some recent studies have shown that fruits and vegetables were not as effective in preventing cancer and other diseases, but they still help. Just because they are not as effective as once thought does not mean that they do not play a part in it.

Eating tomatoes or tomato products about two or three servings a week has been shown by studies to lower the chances of men developing prostate cancer. Eat some ketchup, pasta sauce, or straight up tomatoes to get this effect. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. This substance is what largely colors tomatoes bright red.

If you want to help reduce your chances of getting colon cancer then you should increase your intake of folic acid or folate. A small amount of folic acid daily can help reduce chances of developing this really nasty disease. Many people die from this disease annually. You can get this substance through vitamins or other sources of food. Natural sources are sometimes argued to be better than just taking vitamins so you have some options either route you want to take. Some commonly consumed items that contain folic acid are beans, oranges, spinach, and asparagus. There are plenty more so you should learn about them if none of these foods entice you. Try to include some of these foods daily into your diet for the added benefit of folic acid.

In 2005, the journal of clinical oncology published a statement that shows breast cancer patients that consumed more produce were better off. These patients who ate fruits and veggies lowered their chances of having a relapse in their breast cancer. According to this study, merely eating more fruits and veggies lowered the re-occurrence rate by as high as forty percent.