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How Do You Like Your Pickles?

How Do You Like Your Pickles?

The best thing about pickles is that you always eat them with something else. Be it as relishes on hot dog sandwiches or slices between hamburger buns, they give the snack more variety in its taste. Of course, you can also eat them on their own as dilled ones, taking a juicy bite.

Hot dog sandwiches are tastier with relish on top. The hot dog’s salty taste is complimented with the relish’s sweet and sour taste. One reason why the McDonalds burger is so popular is because of its sour pickle slices. It minimizes the burger’s fatty taste so that the consumer will never get tired of its taste. It also compliments the tomato slices so well and adds to the snack’s attractiveness with its color.

Cucumbers are the most common pickled vegetables. But there are also different kinds of pickled vegetables that are just as tasty. Aside from preserving these, vegetables are pickled so they can be served as side dishes. Pickled vegetables are excellent partners of fried and salty viands. They enhance appetite and neutralize any viand’s strong taste or its greasiness. One excellent side dish is the pickled green papaya. It can be pickled with carrot slices and even raisins, thus adding more color to food. Green ampalaya can also be pickled and its bitterness gives a twist to the taste. Pickled onions also give a unique spice.

Another great thing about pickles is that they can easily be homemade. Pickling vegetables make it more nutritious because it adds B vitamins to the vegetables produced during the pickling process. It’s an easy process but one has to carefully choose the ingredients to ensure its tastiness and to make it last longer. Vegetables must be fresh and should be just enough, not too young and not too ripe. Vegetables must also be washed thoroughly and be sure they are clean. Even other ingredients must be chosen carefully like the salt and vinegar used for the brine solution. A common rock salt and vinegar may do but pickling salt and pickling vinegar are now available that are especially used for pickling foods. They produce the best tasting kind and preserve the food much longer. Some also add sugar to taste. It depends what taste one would prefer to be more dominant, the sweetness, saltiness or its sourness. When pickling, of course, choosing the right container is also important to preserve the food. Glass containers are best but be sure they are sterilized and are dried before putting the pickled vegetables inside. In the absence of a sterilizer, one can put the container to a boil for a few minutes, or dip the container and its cap in boiling water and then placed on a clean surface to dry. A dirty or contaminated water can ruin the taste of the pickled vegetables and they may spoil easily.

However and whatever pickled food is served, they can be enjoyed in any of its slice and variety. So, how do you like them? Taste them and savor them in its every kind.