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Snacks from Semarang, Central Java, LUMPIA !

Food is one of the typical snacks from Semarang, Central Java. It’s name is Lumpia.

What is Lumpia?

Lumpia is one of the specialties of Semarang are made from bamboo shoots, chicken, shrimp and dried shrimp eggs wrapped in spring roll skin. Food is one of the typical snacks Semarang in demand by people or tourists who visit there.

Lumpia from the outside it does look like spring rolls in general. What distinguishes this Lumpia spring rolls are generally content. The spring rolls are generally only use bamboo shoots or vegetables such as carrots, sprouts, and cabbage. But in this Lumpia-based, bamboo shoots, chicken / shrimp ebi and eggs. Young bamboo shoots or a selection of young bamboo, so that the texture is soft and crunchy when eaten. From these basic ingredients is what makes lumpia Semarang has a distinctive taste and is in the interest.

Lumpia is divided into two types, namely wet fried spring rolls and spring rolls. What distinguishes this type is the skin of lumpia are the fries or not. The wet spring rolls are very suitable for those who avoid fried food. Spring roll skin that is in use in lumpia is a skin made with dough own special recipe. So when you fry will feel it’s crispy. Moreover, if in the mix with the contents of savory and delicious spring rolls make a distinctive taste sensation.

Lumpia is more delicious when served while warm, because in order to feel the crispy at meal time. Lumpia is usually served along with chili, pickles and sauces. For you lovers of spicy food, very fitting when the meal together with cayenne pepper. But for those of you who do not like spicy, then it could be dipped in the sauce together. The sauce that is in use is usually a typical sauce is made to accompany eating these spring rolls.

Lumpia is being sold in a stall – stall the outskirts of the city of Semarang. Every seller must have its own characteristics, so we should be able to choose the right place and in accordance with our tastes. But you do not have to worry about looking for it, there are many stalls sellers famous spring rolls and a choice for you to go. For those of you who visit the city of Semarang, the less complete if not the tasting and take home a special snacks this one. The spring rolls we can eat on the premises or can be brought home and be made by – by.