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Children and Parties – How to Avoid Upsets And Have Fun!

Children and Parties – How to Avoid Upsets And Have Fun!

One of the main problems with parties – especially children’s parties – is that the increased consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates (white flour products, etc) can turn children into literal monsters.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Well, one of the reasons is that they have not had enough protein and real food before starting on the “binging”. In addition to that sugar and refined carbohydrates deplete their stores of calcium and magnesium and this frazzles the nerves and turns on the frenzy that is so hard to control.

Their blood sugar levels go on a crazy, overdrive roller-coaster ride and, of course, they consume more of the offending sugars and carbs because their bodies are demanding that the blood sugar gets under control.

They are having a hard time of it too. You have probably experienced that buzzy feeling when you cannot sit still or relax. It is so easy to lose it too and it is definitely not a comfortable feeling.

All that has happened is that the reserves of calcium and magnesium have reduced to zero, if there was even enough to start with and the body is desperately trying to correct but does not have the proper substances necessary for that correction. It can be compared to trying to run your car on empty. You cannot.

The human body starts to eat away at the muscles (starting with the butt and leg muscles) in its desperate attempt to get energy. In the long term this can be the start of diabetes.

The solution is simple.

Before embarking on any trip away from home, ensure that everyone has had a good protein meal with sufficient vegetables – preferably salads – a good quality calcium and magnesium supplement and that everyone is well rested. In other words, had enough sleep.

Now everyone can enjoy themselves without the negative effects.