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Growing Your Own Vegetables – Save Money On Food

Growing Your Own Vegetables – Save Money On Food

Do you want to save money on your food bill this year? Have you thought about growing your own vegetables? If not you should do, as not only do they taste so much better than shop bought ones, you can save yourself a fortune as well.

No matter how small a space you have, be it a large garden, a small patio or even just a windowsill, then there is plenty of salads and vegetables that you can grow easily.

You can grow salads or baby tomato plants on a windowsill. And if you like chili or pepper plants then they also do well on a windowsill.

If you just have a small patio then container gardening is probably the thing for you. If you have a patio you can get a grow bag and put three tomato plants in it. Place them in a sunny location up against a wall and they will thrive.

As well as tomatoes you could look online or in your local garden centre and buy “Container ready” plants such as carrots and leeks. Container ready plants are varieties that have been specially developed for growing in large containers or plant pots rather than planting them in the ground.

It is well worth seeking out these types of plants as whilst you could sow normal carrot seeds in a large plant pot, the container varieties will grow and crop much better.

If you have a big patio you may be lucky enough to squeeze in a small raised bed, you buy them very cheaply on the internet, although I would advise buying the plastic board ones that clip together as they require no maintenance at all. A raised bed, even a small one will give you a lot more options when it comes to growing vegetables. I would suggest that you try runner beans as they only have a small footprint in your vegetable patch, and they love being in raised beds.

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden then your options are limitless, you could have salads planted in one area and root vegetables in another. With a large vegetable patch then with a little effort you can grow everything you need for the season and save several hundred pounds on food.

Gardening also keeps you fit and is great for getting kids involved in. So why not find out more about growing vegetables today?