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How to Maintain Healthy Trees on Your Property

Trees make a wonderful addition to any property. They provide shade, beauty and homes to a myriad of tree-dwelling creatures from birds to squirrels to lizards. Keeping your trees happy and healthy will keep the air around you cleaner and the view more serene.

Consult an Expert

If you have a grand old oak, pine or even fruit trees in your yard, the first step to their happiness is to consult with a trained arborist Marietta GA or your town’s city hall to get recommendations for improving soil conditions, water drainage and trimming. Let the expert give your trees a once-over and help you create a yearly checklist for maintaining tree health.

Take Care of the Roots

Even though humans enjoy what grows above the ground, it’s still very important to care for your trees’ root systems. There are several components to keeping healthy tree roots. An arborist can help you determine when and if your tree needs to be fertilized (some don’t) and recommend a watering schedule if the area you live in doesn’t get enough rain. A layer of mulch is necessary to protect the tree from lawn equipment, discourage weed growth, and preserve moisture. Choose biodegradable mulch that looks appealing. Finally, know your tree’s root system. Be careful where you dig. A tree’s roots can easily extend 10-20 feet beyond the longest branches.

Prune Thoughtfully

Pruning a tree means removing any limbs that are weak, dead or diseased. Thinning a tree means removing certain branches to help maintain the structural integrity or shape of the tree.  A carefully cut tree is often stronger because, in a heavy storm, it doesn’t have to bear the weight of extra branches. Usually, a tree should be pruned or thinned before spring growth, but consult an expert in case your tree requires a different schedule.

Trees are an amazing gift from Mother Nature. As stewards of the earth, we should do our utmost to care for them. A strong vigorous tree is a real sight to behold.