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Summer Vegetables and Fat Loss

Summer Vegetables and Fat Loss

Yes, there is still some summer left. One of the great gifts of summer is it’s beautiful fresh produce. These beautiful gifts of nature abound in New England. If you are working with a boot camp or personal training program, these foods are a perfect fit!

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that there is anything wrong with eating out. Not by a long shot. I DO suggest however, that cooking and becoming familiar with the nutritional value of foods and how to maximize that information for flavor and variety can only help you achieve your weight loss goals. Diets do not have to be super restrictive, and coupled with a serious exercise routine, it can be your best ally. By understanding food, and creating dishes that you like and that are interesting, you increase your variety of food. So instead of thinking of a weight loss diet as punishment, you will find yourself eating really good, nutritious, delectable meals. So tie on an apron and grab a spatula!!!

Grills or Hibachi’s are excellent tools for cooking foods and keeping the fat content down. Sweet Yellow Corn is everywhere and boiled has about 59 calories. Cooked on the grill, it develops a lovely smoky flavor yet maintains it’s sweetness, so you don’t really need the butter. Corn is however higher in sugar content than you might like to have on a regular basis.

Other summer vegetables that are delicious and low in calories are Snap Peas, Snap Green Beans, Carrots, and Broccoli. These vegetables are also high in fiber, each containing between 2 and 3 grams of fiber per serving of approx. 2 to 4 oz. of food. Carrots are super yummy and naturally sweet and brighten up a slammin’ cole slaw, or julliened and quick sauteed in olive oil, served with a piece of flounder or grilled cod and snow peas.

Boiling these veggies is a common if somewhat pedestrian approach to them; and no you don’t really NEED that cheddar cheese to make them delicious. Broccoli sauteed in a little olive oil with a dash of soy tossed with some sesame seeds (52 calories per tablespoon) OR done on the grill with bell pepper and onion.

Hit the Farmer’s Market or your local shops and get some good food into you! Get the best of summer and find awesome wholesome additions to your Boot Camp or Personal Training program. Get Cooking!!!