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Edible Landscaping: Is It Right for You?

Edible Landscaping: Is It Right for You?

If you’ve never considered edible landscaping, now’s the time to start! But how do you know if edible landscaping is right for you? Here are some ways to tell:

You love to garden. If you compare gardening using edible plants and gardening using non-edible plants there’s no real difference — you still dig and plant, water and weed. If you cut flowers for your table, there’s no difference at all! In fact, many of the flowers you might not think of as edible, such as daylilies, nasturtium, and pansies, are actually quite good!

You love to eat. If you love to eat, edible landscaping is perfect for you. When you imagine all your favorite fruits and vegetables, just waiting outside for you to walk outside and eat… well, to me it sounds like heaven!

You love good food. Fresh is best, and you can’t get any fresher than home-grown. You can pick your fruit and vegetables at their peak of ripeness and flavor when they’re in your own yard. When you have edible landscaping, you have complete control over what goes into and on your food. No mystery chemicals there!

You love the convenience of picking food right outside your door. With edible landscaping, you spend less time in supermarket lines, less money on transportation, and have more time, energy and money to spend on your family. You can simply step outside and get your favorite fruits and vegetables, any time you like.

You love trying new foods. There are so many different edible plants out there that you will never run out of fruits and vegetables to try. If you don’t like the taste and the plant is pretty, no problem — just give the extra away. If you like it, you’ve got it made!

You love to cook. The best chefs swear by their kitchen gardens, and if you’re looking to go the next step in your cooking abilities, an edible landscape is just what you need. With the very freshest, most perfectly ripe fruit and vegetables in the exact varieties you love, your cooking can’t help but be great!

You love having a beautiful lot. Edible landscaping isn’t only about sticking food plants in the front yard — it’s about creating a landscape you can feel proud of. It’s about making your home exterior not only beautiful but edible as well.