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How to Choose the Right Bakery Display Case for Your Business

Choosing a suitable display case for your products would be best to get the most out of your bakery business. The right one will help you show off your baked goods in the best light possible to increase impulse sales.

When shopping for a bakery display case, consider the following factors: size, shelving, lighting, and accessibility. Choosing a style that fits your business’s aesthetic would be best.


A bakery display case is a crucial part of any food establishment. Whether selling baked goods or packaged products, a high-quality bakery case can help keep your business running smoothly and make customers more likely to rebuy your products.

Typically, these units use fans to circulate cold air throughout the cabinet to maintain the temperature of your food. It is the preferred method for prepackaged products, some deli items, and bakery products.

These cases come in all different sizes and are a great way to showcase your bakery items to potential customers. However, choosing the right size for your location would be best.


Shelving is a crucial part of any retail store. It helps organize merchandise, hang signage, and cross-merchandise products to boost sales.

The shelving you choose depends on your needs and available space. It can be single-sided or double-sided, fixed or mobile.

A display case is a great way to showcase your bakery items and increase sales. They protect baked goods from airborne contaminants and allow customers to see all products available for purchase fully.

The best bakery display cases offer storage and merchandising options for various foods, including dry and refrigerated baked goods. They are also ideal for self-serve coffee shops, diners, and buffets.


Your bakery display case is a significant investment in your business, so choosing a model that will fit your needs and keep your products fresh is crucial. You’ll also want to think about lighting options.

Depending on the model, some cases feature illuminated interiors that make the products look their best. It often includes specialized fluorescent bulbs that enhance specific colors or product types.

These can be placed on the top or shelves of the case and can vary in design. Some offer a tiered layout, which can increase visibility for all the items in the case.


There are several accessibility options available for bakery display cases. These include clear, scratch-resistant acrylic panels and wooden or metal frames that will help you increase the visibility of your products.

To make the best choices, you should consider your audience. Some people may have issues with color vision or different input modes.

It can affect how they use your website or app. For example, someone who is blind may have a hard time seeing an image with a poor contrast level.


The aesthetics of your bakery display case can be one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new unit. It can determine whether your baked goods will look delicious to your customers or if they’ll be hidden away and hard to see.

Regardless of what type of bakery you run, the aesthetics of your business can make or break your success. Choosing a display case that will help you stand out from the competition is essential.

The aesthetics of a bakery display case can be shaped by its height, shelving, and lighting. It can also be made from wire, plastic, or wood.