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How To Be a Great Houseguest in 3 Steps

Staying with friends can be a fun time, especially if you are traveling to another town for the first time. However, you also want to be an excellent houseguest to keep the time fun, maintain your friendships and guarantee future visits. Accomplish this goal by following these steps. 

1. Be Open to Anything

A house visit opens a window inside your friends’ lives. You might experience not just their traditions and routines, but also their community at large. They are eager to share their home and lives with you, so just let them. Keep an open mind and try anything they offer, from dinner at their favorite burger joint Middletown OH to a shopping spree at the nearby mall. Let them know anytime you are enjoying yourself and only interfere if something is hazardous to your health. 

2. Be Helpful to Your Guests

Even though you will be the guest of honor during the next few days, you should still help around the house as much as you can. Clean up after yourself when you finish eating and fix your bed every morning. When the hosts are doing chores or running errands, offer assistance whenever appropriate. Buy the occasional meal, snack or round of drinks when out of the house. Leave the designated guest room cleaner than it was when you first arrived. 

3. Be Thankful and Appreciative 

Your friends worked hard to ensure you have a wonderful time. Repay them by showing them your gratitude as much as possible. You might not always thank them every time, but there are three crucial times when you should: when you arrive, before you depart and after you return home. You can do the last one by mailing a “thank you” note, which is both thoughtful and good for your health

Being the ideal houseguest sound more difficult than it really is. Just practice these main guidelines and some common courtesy to make the stay a pleasant one.