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Home Grown Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Home Grown Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Health is something that is fundamentally important. That being said, it is hard to resist the yummy temptations that confront us daily. It is not always possible to change the way one eats and, If so, not always easy. However; simple changes can have farther reaching impact than we would expect. Naturally organic fresh fruits and vegetables are part of the basic nutritional building blocks. The many vitamins and minerals present in them provide necessary elements that sustain a healthy body. They promote optimal bodily functions and can be a means through which to heal the body. The word “Organic” in relation to fruit and vegetables has experienced greater exposure in the last few years. In spite of this, its meaning or suggestions are misunderstood by some. In essence organic simply means natural or crude among other things.

In context to fruit and vegetables it is referring to the absence of artificial aid or enhancement by way of herbicides, Pesticides or fertilizer. The quality of fruit and vegetables can also be manipulated genetically. The term GM food is alluding to produce, fruit and vegetables in this case, which have undergone genetic restructuring of any sort. The result is greater yield. Economically it makes great sense; greater harvest greater profit. Unfortunately economics and finance tend to blind us to potential harms or setbacks in many cases. As far as our sustenance is concerned, it would be quite dangerous to depend on GM foods the long term safety or dangers of which have not been determined. Presently it is only a very small percentage among us that grow fruit and vegetables In comparison to a few generations ago. We are more often than not completely dependent on commercially produced fruit and vegetables. They have been expensive in the past and are equally expensive today.

Cost and expense can be real obstacles for some who truly want go completely natural. Despite the desire and genuine preference for natural foods, money matters hinder and curtail the change that they feel is necessary for their health and that of their family. This is indeed a dilemma. The second choice is food that contains a high level of preservatives and additive to prolong shelf life and to mimic tastes and aromas of natural food. A solution to this problem is simply to grow your own fruit and vegetables. I have found that the initial responses to this suggestion are negative, misinformed or reserved. We seem to believe that self sufficiency is beyond our capabilities.

This error is quite profound when we consider that only a few generations ago supermarkets where the relative unknown. The whole process of growing your own fruit and vegetables is not as difficult as you may believe. Taking the decision and carrying it out will be to the benefit of your family. Looking at, holding and eating your own homegrown fruit and vegetables will have you thinking twice about buying from the supermarket. The changes you experience in many areas of your life will leave you with a few things to think about.