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How to Grill Vegetables in 5 Simple Steps

How to Grill Vegetables in 5 Simple Steps

Grilled vegetables are the best partners to any seafood or meat-based dishes. Imagine having a perfectly roasted slice of beef, together with an equally perfect set of grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. For sure, your family is having the nicest Sunday meal ever.

How to grill vegetables using these simple steps will help you rediscover the art of grilling. The fierceness of those molten coals, combined with the juices coming from grilled food items, is something that you won’t definitely miss. So, what are these easy steps?

1. First, you will need a number of items such as skewers, barbecue grills, charcoals, utensils and naturally assorted veggies. The best options would be squash, eggplants, mushrooms and peppers. You can also choose potatoes and corn.

2. Clean all the vegetables and cut them according to desired portions. You may choose to learn how to grill vegetables by simply cutting large veggies into smaller pieces. For larger vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, you can trim and cut them in two. For aesthetic purposes, you may opt to have the mini-sized carrots and baby potatoes. Just make sure to skewer smaller items for easy cooking and preparation.

As for other types of vegetables, it is best to remove the silks from store-bought corn and leave its husks on. Potatoes, meanwhile, can also be parboiled.

3. Marinate the items for about 15 minutes or so. You may also decide to grill them as is but with use of some marinade or oil. Learning how to grill vegetables might also give you other useful tips, including cooking the items while wrapped in foil.

4. Prepare the grill and ensure that the coals are medium hot. You can either use a gas or charcoal grill, whichever seems applicable. The best way to grill vegetables would be to put them directly onto the grill. You can also wrapped everything in a foil pouch or put the vegetables inside a basket.

5. Learn how to grill vegetables by means of knowing which items should be cooked first. Remember to start with the ones that take the longest time to cook. This list includes potatoes even peppers. On the other hand, other veggies such as tomatoes require less minutes.

For flavorful marinades, it is best to prepare these sauces hours ahead. You can try mixing oils with citrus fruits such as lime or lemon. Garlic, pepper and other herbs also make marinades tastier. You may choose to add a dash of pepper, thyme and combine these with rice wine or balsamic vinegar. As for other tips on how to grill vegetables the easy way, you may use butter instead of oils, as well as sherry, in place of other known vinegars such as balsamic.